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With a new speaker, and a new microphone, the micro:bit v2 board has changed the rules of the game, promising new experiences for apprentice programmers.

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The BBC micro:bit v2 board that listens to teachers

Since the launch of the BBC’s micro:bit educational project in 2015, thousands of teachers and even more children have had an opportunity to test this electronic board designed for introducing pupils to programming.

Illustration of the micro:bit v2 board

The collaborative project encouraged teachers to provide feedback, in particular to indicate possible areas for improving the BBC micro:bit. The outcome? The market release, five years later, of a v2 offering exciting new features:

  • The micro:bit v2 board has kept all its existing qualities and the same form factor, so the projects available for the previous version are still compatible... and new projects are being added to the pile
  • A loudspeaker and microphone, so pupils can finally program the music and voice recognition projects they dreamed of
  • A new capacitive sensor allowing young programmers to work on projects inspired by smartphone technology
  • A more efficient and more powerful processor
  • And, finally, an energy-saving mode

New sound and music projects with micro:bit v2

So what can you do with this v2 of the BBC programming board? A new micro:bit board means new challenges. Here are some examples:

  • You can teach your board to make a heart beat when you clap your hands
  • Make a larger-than-life buzzing noise that changes with the board’s movements
  • Transform your micro:bit into a parrot able to mimic the rhythm of your speech

Plus a whole range of other equally exciting projects!

Technical specifications of the BBC micro:bit v2

  • Dimensions: 51.60 x 42 x 11.65 mm
  • Tactile logo
  • Loudspeaker: integrated
  • Power LED indicator, ON/OFF button
  • Slot: 25 pins, 4 dedicated to GPIO, PWM, I2C, SPI, 3 ring pins for connecting crocodile clips
  • Dedicated I2C for peripherals
  • Current available for accessories: 200 mA
  • Software: C++, MakeCode, Python, Scratch

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Technical schematic of the new micro:bit v2 board
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