Thymio Pack of Educational Robots (wired version) - 4 to 10 robots

Thymio Pack of Educational Robots (wired version) - 4 to 10 robots

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The Thymio educational robot has returned, in a pack particularly well-suited for use in classrooms and with all the accessories you need to set up multiple robotics activities!

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Thymio robotics pack: your weapon of mass education!

The Thymio educational robot is already a very comprehensive tool in itself for organising robotics learning activities for pupils of all ages.

With the accessories contained in this pack, Thymio reveals its full potential: remote control programming, line tracking, etc., allowing you to make the most of all the features the robot has to offer! And for more convenience, we’re also providing a multiple charger for recharging all the robots simultaneously. All the items are packed safely in a case with a pre-cut foam insert, ideal for carrying your robots easily from one room to another!

The case can hold up to 10 robots. It comes in various configurations, for carrying 4 to 10 robots. So you shouldn’t have any difficulties finding the perfect combination, whatever your budget!

Please note: this pack comes with the wired version of the Thymio robot. See this page for the wireless pack.

Technical specifications of the pack

The case contains:

  • 4 to 10 Thymio educational robots (wired version) with their micro USB charging cables
  • 1 x 10-port >USB wall charger
  • 1 Thymio programmable infrared remote control
  • 1 Yeti track for line following
  • 1 foam insert for storing up to 10 robots and their accessories

Data sheet

Programming language
Programming language
Programming language
Unplugged activity
Age group
9-11 years
Age group
6-8 years
Age group
12-14 Jahre
Unplugged activities
Power supply
Battery (rechargeable)
Robot type
Mobile robot

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