micro:Maqueen Plus (micro:BIT not included)

micro:Maqueen Plus (micro:bit not included)

micro:Maqueen Plus (micro:BIT not included)
DFRobot | A-000000-04846
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micro:Maqueen Plus is a small line-tracking robot designed for education. It operates with the BBC micro:bit board (not included in this pack) and is a more advanced version of the Maqueen Lite.

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micro:Maqueen Plus: a small mobile robot for developing your micro:bit skills

The micro:Maqueen robot is designed to work with the BBC micro:bit programming board. It’s a small mobile platform equipped with 6 line-tracking sensors and includes a mount for the HuskyLens AI video sensor.

A beefed up version of the micro:Maqueen Lite

More sensors, more expansion ports, more autonomy, more amusing lights, a larger and more stable chassis, a more powerful ultrasonic sensor... this new version of the Maqueen robot allows you to set your sights even higher, and even take part in official robotics competitions.

Its multiple expansion ports allow you to upgrade the platform with new BBC micro:bit compatible sensors and actuators.

And thanks to the robot’s various scenarios, you can use it not only in the classroom but also at home with family and friends.

Technical specifications of the micro:Maqueen Plus mobile robot

  • Power supply: 18650 Li-Ion battery (2300 mA~2500 mA)
  • Charging circuit
  • Power display
  • Encoder and PID control
  • Support for installing HuskyLens AI camera
  • Support for line-tracking sensor calibration
  • Support for analogue reading of line-tracking sensor
  • Number of line-tracking sensors: 6
  • Number of I/O expansion ports: 12
  • Number of servo ports: 3
  • Number of mechanic expansion threads: 16
  • Motor rated rotation speed: 260 rpm
  • Large 7-colour RGB LED
  • DFRobot high-quality URM10 ultrasonic sensor
  • Continuous usage time with HuskyLens: 180 min.
  • Standard continuous usage time: 24 h
  • Comes with a line-tracking map
  • On-board IR receiver and buzzer
  • On-board WS2812 RGB LED
  • Application scenario: intermediate level teaching, after school workshop, robot competition
  • Battery and micro:bit board not included
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