Recon Robotics Chassis (kit)

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This Recon chassis kit provides an extremely robust base for building an all-terrain mobile robotics platform.

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Recon robotics chassis: a solid starting point

The Recon robotics chassis kit consists of a set of easy-to-assemble mechanical parts and structures. The kit also contains all the necessary mounting hardware.

Once assembled, the Recon chassis is a 4-wheeled platform designed for navigating difficult terrain. There is plenty of space inside the chassis to install your wheel motors, battery, controller and programming board. The top of the robotics chassis also has the necessary slots for mounting an on-board camera, infrared receiver or other environmental sensor.

The chassis is assembled using the goBILDA build system, based on metric measurements and mounting parts that have holes at regular intervals. This means you can customise each of your inventions and transform them as you see fit.

Then it’s up to you to develop your robot and launch it off the beaten track!

Technical specifications of the Recon chassis

  • Total dimensions (with wheels): 375 x 398 x 135 mm
  • Weight: 3540 g

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