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With this interactive wall kit, you can create an interactive decorative feature for your company, a conference, an exhibition or a school project. The kit contains everything you need to turn a simple wall into an interactive sound panel!

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Up to 12 touch points on your interactive wall

This electronics kit allows project designers to create their own interactive wall with sounds. The kit includes a touch board with pre-soldered connectors, 12 electrodes and all the necessary hardware for mounting and connecting touch points.

To create an interactive sound wall using the interactive wall kit, all you need is a little hardware, a lot of creativity, and most importantly no electronic skills. Simply design your wall plan, plan and plot the location of each touch point in advance, and do a little DIY...

How do I create an interactive wall using this kit?

The kit is designed to be used by anyone wishing to create an interactive wall, including those new to electronics. It’s a project you can complete successfully without soldering, and connecting each sensor to the control board couldn’t be simpler.

You can create your interactive wall in 4 main steps:

  1. After choosing a suitable wall, drill holes in all the places where you want to add a sensor, and insert a screw into each hole.
  2. Attach an electrode to the threaded rod of each screw on the back of the wall.
  3. On the front and visible side of the wall, paint the image associated with each sensor over each screw head using conductive paint.
  4. Attach the touch board to the wall on the electrode side, and connect each electrode to the board using the jack cables.

The default output is set to audio, which means the interactive wall will produce only sounds unless you configure it differently. It comes with its own library of MP3 sounds – you’ll simply need to connect a speaker to ensure your wall can be heard!

Other projects are of course also possible, involving for example the sense of sight.

Technical specifications of the interactive wall kit

Wall specifications:

  • Max. dimensions: 10 x 10 m
  • Max. thickness: 25 mm
  • Max. number of sensors: 12
  • Default output: audio
  • Advanced output: USD MIDI, serial

The kit includes:

  • 1 touch board with pre-soldered connectors
  • 1 electrode shield
  • 12 electrode pads
  • 12 x 3.5 mm shielded jack-to-jack cables
  • 30 self-tapping screws (no. 4 x 9.5 mm)
  • 12 assembly screws (M3 x 30 mm)
  • 50 cable management clips
  • 1 cable marking set
  • 1 microSD card
  • 1 microSD card reader
  • 1 micro USB cable

The kit does not include:

  • Electric paint
  • Copper sheets
  • Adhesive copper tape
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Vinyl
  • Power supply

Resources for the interactive wall kit

There are lots of resources and tutorials available for successfully using your interactive wall kit:

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