Load Sensor Combinator

Load Sensor Combinator

Load Sensor Combinator
SparkFun | A-000000-05217
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Combine four load cells with this SparkFun load sensor combinator to design your own electronic bathroom scales. Simple wiring and reliable data!

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How do I use my SparkFun load sensor combinator?

This load combinator works on the principle of the Wheatstone bridge, which is an electrical circuit used to measure the resistance of an element in a circuit. It makes designing electronic scales with four load cells that much simpler.

  • The SparkFun BOB-13878 combinator also works with the SparkFun HX711 load cell amplifier
  • You get an RJ45 footprint for using the amplifier (and other electronic accessories) at a distance from the combinator
  • You can also connect a DS18B20 room temperature sensor

Resources for the SparkFun BOB-13878 combinator

There are many freely available technical diagrams and instructions for the SparkFun load sensor combinator:

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