Pan & Tilt ViperX XM540

Pan & Tilt ViperX XM540

Pan & Tilt ViperX XM540
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Get started with programming and robotics with the Pan & Tilt ViperX XM540 platform. It features Dynamixel XM540-W270 servomotors.

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Overview of the Pan & Tilt ViperX XM540 platform

The Pan & Tilt ViperX XM540 platform is a fully programmable Pan-Tilt turret. It is mounted on Dynamixel XM540-W270-T servomotors: these high-resolution servos allow the turret to articulate and offer it the ability to perform 4096 different positions.

PID parameters are user-definable. You can also monitor temperature, position feedback, as well as voltage levels, load and compliance settings.

The ViperX XM540 turret is available in two versions: the Single version with 1 XM540-W270 servomotor and the Dual version with 2 XM540-W270 servomotors.

This turret is ideal for experimentation and robotics. To go even further, you can add accessories such as sensors, cameras, etc.

Attention: the ViperX XM540 turret will not hold its position if the unit's power is cut off. In addition, any mounted equipment can be damaged if not properly secured. Please exercise caution when mounting equipment.

What software can be used to program the Pan-Tilt ViperX XM540 turret?

The Pan & Tilt ViperX XM540 platform can be programmed with the following software:

  • ROS
  • MoveIt
  • Gazebo

Technical specifications of the Pan & Tilt ViperX XM540

ViperX XM540 Pan & Tilt

  • Weight: 2160 g (single) / 2400 g (dual)
  • Protocol: TTL
  • Payload: 6800 g
  • Resolution: 4096

Dynamixel XM540-W270

  • Cortex-M3 72 MHz, 32-bit microcontroller
  • Position sensor: absolute contactless encoder (12-bit, 360°)
  • Coreless motor
  • Transmission rate: 9600 to 4,500,000 bps
  • Control algorithm: PID
  • Reduction ratio: 353.5:1
  • Input voltage: 10 to 14.8 V (12 V recommended)

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