ReactorX 150 5-axis Robot Arm

ReactorX 150 5-axis Robot Arm

ReactorX 150 5-axis Robot Arm
Trossen Robotics | A-000000-06421
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Designed for research and education, Trossen Robotic's ReactorX 150 5-axis robotic arm is ideal for pick & place applications, machine learning, and AI.

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An open-source robotic arm for research and education

With Dynamixel servomotors, advanced technical details, and software, the ReactorX 150 is an ideal tool for learning robotics and AI in classrooms. With 5 degrees of freedom, it has a payload of 100g and a range of 900 meters.

Delivered fully assembled, the ReactorX 150 is compatible with ROS and ROS2, Moveit, Gazebo, Python, Matlab, which can help you launch your platform in less than an hour.

A robotic arm powered by Dynamixel servomotors

The performance of the ReactorX robotic arm relies on its 6 programmable Dynamixel servomotors connected through the U2D2 connector. These industrial-grade servomotors are high-precision equipment capable of performing precise and fast movements. They are equipped with an absolute encoder for precise position control and real-time feedback. Their modular design allows for easy and quick replacement if necessary.

Technical specifications of the ReactorX 150 arm

  • Degrees of freedom: 5
  • Range: 450 mm
  • Total reach: 900 mm
  • Precision: 2.5 mm
  • Operating payload: 100 g
  • Number of servos: 6
  • Rotating wrist


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