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The Turtlebot3 Burger is a mobile robotics educational platform that’s lightweight, compact, cost-effective and customisable at will. It’s the perfect solution for all those looking for a fun medium to use in their robotics programming workshops, but also for apprentice robotics engineers, and for creators and designers.

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Extremely accurate and offering a high data rate, this RoboSense 16 Beam 3D Laser Range Finder is one of the most powerful LiDARs on the market. RS-LiDAR-16 is ROS compatible.

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The Dynamixel AX-12A is the entry-level actuator from Robotis. Its low cost makes it a best seller for all non-essential mechanical functions of your robot.

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PANDA is a collaborative robot arm, developed by FRANKA EMIKA. The « Research » version allows its user to have a direct control and the possibility to program the robot, but also interface the robot with external sensors (C++, ROS and MoveIt! packages available online). Contact us to have more info about the price.

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Niryo One is a 6-axis robotic arm compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ROS. Manufactured in France, it is designed for research and teaching, and intended for students, professors, researchers and designers looking for an accessible robotic arm – in every sense of the word.

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