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The UM7 Orientation Sensor from Redshift Labs offers a complete and sophisticated IMU with an extended Kalman filter to produce more accurate estimates.

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The ODROID C2 by Hardkernel stands out as one of the most efficient programming boards in its price range. Economical, powerful and technically accessible, it offers lots of possibilities for small electronic projects.

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The MX-28R is a Dynamixel servomotor, with high-level control features and very precise.

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The NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module has the same compact form factor as the Jetson Nano and is a worthy successor to the Jetson TX2. It comes here with its development kit and helps you create applications and software in edge Computing. It also boosts the performance of your AIoT systems.

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Niryo One is a 6-axis robotic arm compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ROS. Manufactured in France, it is designed for research and teaching, and intended for students, professors, researchers and designers looking for an accessible robotic arm – in every sense of the word.

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NAO6 in dark gray is the sixth generation of the interactive humanoid robot NAO, developed by SoftBank Robotics, and is autonomous and fully programmable. This robot is aimed at the professionals and academics.