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Take your students on a fun discovery of robotics with the Ozobot Evo Educator Entry Kit. A complete kit for teachers to learn programming in a simple way.

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Conduct your educational robotics workshops with confidence with this pack containing 6 BlueBot robots and the essential accessories!

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Photon is an educational and upgradable robot for children from 5 to 12 years old. It depends entirely on its young user to learn new skills. Multiple challenges await him, all with the objective of going even further in his mastery of STEM and robotic programming.

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Spike Prime is a colourful STEAM educational kit, created by LEGO, that allows progressive learning of programming, robotics, and scientific disciplines – combined with just the right amount of fun to keep children captivated!

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The mTiny Educational Robot Kit is suitable to all preschool-aged children. It offers interactive games and stories to develop their logical thinking. It also provides a great base for simple coding algorithms, helping children understand why the algorithm is what makes up the program.

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