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The Robotis Engineer Kit 1 includes a set of robotics solutions for education, app development and competition. With this kit, you can create various articulated, smart robotics platforms.

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Bundle of all accessories required to configure and supply power to your Dynamixel servomotors.

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Dynamixel is back with a groundbreaking model, the 2XC430-W250-T. A single Dynamixel servomotor to drive two axes. Two degrees of freedom for a single servomotor!

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The Niryo One robot Vision Set fits to the entire Niryo ecosystem and is used to develop robot vision and artificial intelligence applications.

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The TC200 mobile base is an ultra-flexible tool for teaching industrial robotics. You can also add numerous accessories, including collaborative robot arms, sensors and other electronic components.

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The Niryo One Mini Robot Conveyor Belt allows you to prototype an automated, bi-directional, speed-adjustable production line. It is used with the Niryo One robot or with its compatible controller module.