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The EVA 6-Axis Robot Arm developed and manufactured by Automata is designed to make it easier to automate industrial tasks without compromising on precision.

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The agile, perceptive and highly observant SMART robot is an intelligent mobile platform and an expert in navigating hostile environments. It avoids all obstacles while mapping its environment in real time.

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R&D Payload V2 is a load compartment that is compatible with Rover Zero and Rover Pro designed by Rover Robotics. It offers different customisation options allowing you to create exactly the type of mobile robot you need for working on your robotic solution.


This 100% ROS four-wheel drive mobile base is an outdoor pro. Use this durable Rover to carry heavy loads on any terrain.

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This Dingo robotic platform was designed by Clearpath for indoor education and research applications. It comes in two versions: differential drive or omnidirectional drive.

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If you’re in need of a 3D laser range finder that’s highly reliable but more affordable than RoboSense’s flagship products, look no further. RS-Ruby has introduced a mid-range model, the RS-Ruby Lite, which will fully satisfy developers of solutions for unmanned vehicles.

You can now power, connect and program all your Dynamixel servos, whatever the model, thanks to this official and very clever Dynamixel starter set.

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