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The read-write 125 KHz RFID Card is a T5557-type programmable card compatible with the RFID Arduino kit and module.

This 13.56 MHz RFID / NFC Card Pack (x5) will be the key to starting your brand new creations in the field of RFID Near Field Communication technology! DISCONTINUED

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Keep your RFID tags with you at all times thanks to this pack of five 13.56 MHz RFID / NFC Key Rings, which can be used to interact with the RFID module compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi!

Excellent news for project developers wishing to tackle the Internet of Things: the 3G/GPRS Shield compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Intel Galileo offers you an ultra-high-speed cellular network connection!

This kit contains an Arduino Shield, a GPS module, a 3G/GPRS module, a microphone, a speaker. The internet of Things is within reach thanks to this Arduino kit.

This 4-20 mA current loop sensor board is an Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo compatible sensor capable of transmitting data to a receiver located up to 900 meters away by representing a physical quantity by an electric current.

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Power your Arduino board with this 5V Regulator Module for Arduino. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.

Airflow Sensor (Breathing) compatible with Cooking Hacks e-Health shield. Please note that this sensor is for experimentation or protoyping purposes as it does not have any medical certification. DISCONTINUED

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The essential kit for getting started with RFID! In addition it's Arduino compatible! DISCONTINUED.

The Body Temperature Sensor is an essential item in any DIY medical kit, to be combined with the Cooking Hacks E-Health platform. DISCONTINUED PRODUCT

The 88143 CAN Bus Module allows you to create a CAN communication for your Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo boards. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.

Use this XBee Communication Shield to directly connect your Bluetooth and RFID modules to your Arduino board.

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The E-Health Sensor Platform Complete Kit by Cooking Hacks allows you to perform a great many biometric measurements via your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Intel Galileo board. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.

With the e-Health Sensor Shield v2.0, you’ll find it much easier to use the e-Health Sensor Platform kit on your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Intel Galileoboard for taking complete and accurate biometric measurements. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.

The EM4100 125 kHz RFID Card is a read-only contactless smart card that can be used for all your IoT (Internet of Things) projects. DISCONTINUED

Arduino Shield that add a GPRS connection to your Arduino board.

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Get an accurate positioning with this GPS Arduino Shield !

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Internal GPRS-GSM Antenna to use with our Arduino GPRS Module. DISCONTINUED PRODUCT

GPS antenna for your GPS Shield for Arduino

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The Libelium Waspmote 4-20 mA board with its working analogue 4-20 mA current loop can transmit the information delivered by the loop’s various sensors over a distance of up to 900 metres. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.

The LoRa SX1272 Module will allow your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Intel Galileo microcontroller to exchange data at a low rate and over a long range with other devices equipped with the same technology.


The Multiprotocol Radio Shield allows you to establish a communication between your Arduino UNO and 2 communication modules simultaneously. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.

Ideal in a DIY biometric kit project, or to complete your Cooking Hacks e-Health platform, the Arduino and Raspberry Pi compatible Pulse and Oxygen in Blood Sensor (SPO2) is designed for measuring a pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.

Measure radioactivity using this Shield for Arduino to detect beta and gamma radiations and create your own Geiger counter! DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.