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List of products by brand GCTronic

Dockingstation for WheelPhone robot, E-Puck robot with battery, Replacement battery for E-Puck robot, Mobile robot Elisa 3, Mobile wheelphone robot

Multicolor display extension for E-puck robot

ICD (both 2 and 3) programming cable to link the microchip ICD programmer with the e-puck programming connector. Used for in circuit debugging.

Serial cable to connect the e-puck robot with a computer over serial line

Charger for 1 E-puck battery (sold with a power cord and without battery)

Charger for 4 e-puck batteries (with power cord and without battery)

Lead as many as three Elisa-3 robots to this charging station and, with no additional handling, your robot will recharge itself, all on its own!

Extra battery for your E-puck robot

Add the power of Linux, the Wifi connexion, long range proximity sensor and more memory to your E-puck robot

E-puck programmable robot with rechargeable battery

E-puck programmable robot with rechargeable battery, ground sensor and reflective strip


This e-puck2 is the new version of the well-known little research and education mobile robot!

Product available for orders

The Elisa-3 Mobile Robot from GCTronic is a small-sized autonomous robot (5cm diameter) perfectly suited for swarm and collective robotics. It features many sensors, 2 magnetic wheels for vertical motion, and it can be remotely controlled thanks to its radio base-station.

This accessory includes 3 IR sensors and a microcontroller, and interfaces with the e-Puck 2 robot through an I2C serial connection.

Product available for orders

Reflective strip for e-puck mutual detection

Ideal for controlling your Elisa-3 robot (or a whole squadron of Elisa-3 robots!), the USB Radio allows you to establish a wireless communication between your Elisa-3 robot and your PC.

Make your mobile phone really mobile with the Wheelphone robot.

With this docking station, your Wheelphone robot becomes more and more autonomous!