All the resources here are in English! You can also view these resources sorted by levels. We update this document regularly.

You will find all the necessary material for these educational modules on our website:

Thymio robot

The Thymio robots, superstars of french schools, are becoming more and more popular with kindergarten teachers. With their multicolored leds and their cute little beep, they will quickly become the mascot of the class.

On website, you can discover different educational resources. 

Thymio is designed for a large range of ages because it offers different levels of programming.

mBot robot

The mBot robot, programmable with Scratch, is a small mobile self-assembly base (assembly time: 20 minutes), which possess enough sensors and actuators to understand the fundamentals of robotics.

On Makeblock Education, you can find numerous resources in English, and select different criterias, like the education level, the content types, the subjects, and even the difficulty and the duration! Here is an example of activities you can find on the website.

Ozobot robot

The Ozobot robot has indeed been designed to follow a line and modify its behavior as soon as it encounters certain color sequences on its line.

Ozobot website compiles a lot of different educational resources, lessons and activities, for all ages (from Kindergarten to Grade 8) and for educator. Do not hesitate to go on the website, to find others activities files.

Cubelets robots

The Cubelets consist of magnetic cubes allowing to build a robot without programming and without wire. The behavior of the robot will depend on how you assemble the cubes together.

This Cubelets robots getting started guide will help you to familiarise yourself with these bots.

Modular Robotics offers a lot of lesson plans for all grades (from Pre-K to Grades 7-12)


No computer or tablet needed for Bee-Bot and Bluebot robots! Children will be able to program, from the age of 4, this small bee thanks to the buttons placed on its back.

Barefoot Computing offers you a PDF file to start programming with Bee-bots:


No nead for a computer or tablet for CubettoCubetto! Children will be able to start programming from 3 years.

Resources for Cubetto shared by Primotoys

Poppy robot (Ergo Jr, Torso, Humanoid)

Poppy Ergo Jr is a small 6 degrees of freedom, robust and cheap robotic arm. It's perfect to be used in workshop.

For the Poppy (Ergo Jr, Humanoid and Torso) platform, remember this url:

  • Poppy Project, (where you will find all the creation, use, support and programming resources)

Lego Mindstorms

Lego Mindstorms are perfect to introduce students to robotics, technology, engineering, but are also suitable for more experienced students.

The e-learning section of the Lego site brings together very rich and interesting pedagogical resources for the classroom (content available on tablet or PC).

Arduino boards

Arduino was designed for the teaching of electronics and computer science and is particularly suitable for secondary and high school levels.

Raspberry Pi boards

The Raspberry Pi board is a minicomputer that allows you to set up many projects. This is the board used in the Poppy Ergo Jr robot. Compatible with many accessories, it is a very good learning material in programming and electronics. It is also possible to program this board with Scratch !

Raspberry Pi website is full of resources, for teachers and for students !

If you have any questions, the community will be happy to help you ! 

Robot arms

Robotic arms are ideal for reproducing and imagining industrial use cases. The students are able to develop programs with a real-life purpose.