Lego Mindstorms

What is the difference between the standard and education versions of Lego Mindstorms EV3 ?

See our guide with explanations about the differences between the standard and the education edition.

Are there the same parts and sensors in the Lego Mindstorms EV3 Home Edition set and in the Lego Mindstorms EV3 Education set? What's the difference?

No, there are some differences. See our guide for more details.

One sensor doesn't work anymore

Please contact our support team for further help.

Can I program my Lego Mindstorms EV3 with C/C++, Python, Java, ROS, etc?

Yes, it is possible. Some connectors and software exist so that users can program Lego Mindstorms with Java, C/C++, Python, Scratch and even ROS! Just follow this link.

Are Lego Mindstorms NXT and EV3 parts compatible?

Yes they are, to a certain extent. Please check this webpage for more info about NXT/EV3 compatibility.

I want to put more analog sensors, how can I do that?

EV3 Sensor Multiplexer for EV3 or NXT (EV3SensorMux). This product allows you to connect additional sensors. You can connect three sensors on a single port.

It supports EV3 sensors, namely the EV3 ultrasonic sensor, the EV3 Gyro Sensor, the EV3 Infrared Sensor, the EV3 color sensor, and the EV3 Touch Sensor.

You can connect it to EV3 or NXT! In summary, EV3SensorMux allows you to connect three EV3 sensors to a single sensor port on EV3 or NXT. The software it supports includes EV3-G (which you can use to program an EV3 or NXT), NXC, RobotC and ev3dev.

I want to put more digital sensors, how can I do it?

Port Splitter for NXT Digital Sensors (SPLIT-Nx-v2). This simple device allows you to connect three compatible I2Cs to a single sensor port. It will work with one of four sensor ports on an EV3 or NXT.

The ports of the SPLIT-Nx-v2 are not labeled, you can connect the brick and the sensors to any port (because the SPLIT-Nx-v2 sends its four ports together). You can find a long list of supported sensors on the product page.

You can connect up to three I2C devices to an NXT or EV3 port. It only works with I2C compatible devices. It is supported in EV3-G, NXT-G, NXC, RobotC, JOS, LabVIEW, LVEE

I want to put more engines, how can I do that?

Multiplexer for NXT / EV3 engines (NXTMMX-v2). This product allows you to connect two motors and one sensor to a single sensor port.

You can connect it to any of the four sensor ports on the NXT or EV3. The NXTMMX has a sensor port itself, so you can attach a sensor or other devices to mark. You can connect the NXT or EV3 motors to the motor port.

Note that this will require an external power supply, the brick sensor port does not provide enough power to drive the motors. It can be used with NXT, EV3, EVShield and PiStorms. It is supported in EV3G, NXT-G, NXC, RobotC