Robot Marty

The app or calibration tool can’t find my Marty?

Make sure that Marty has connected to your WiFi. If a “Marty Setup” network is visible, you’ll need to go back and try putting your WiFi details in again.

Some home “WiFi Range Extenders” are really just another WiFi network with a similar name to your main router; You’ll need to have both Marty and the device you’re controlling from on the exact same network.

Your network might use a different set of IP addresses than most, by default. Use our Discovery Tool to try and find your Marty.

My Marty doesn’t walk properly

When you’re calibrating your Marty, try to make sure it’s standing as shown in the photos (straight up, arms to the side, eyebrows flat) before clicking the “Save Calibration” button.

You have to save the calibration before you try walking. If it still doesn’t walk right, double check it’s put together correctly. In the calibration tool, make sure that the buttons move the appropriate joint - if they don’t, you might have plugged your motors in the wrong places.

Easily done and easily fixed - have a look at the electronics section of the build guide and make sure things are plugged in the correctly numbered port.

Check that the all the leg parts are oriented correctly, look at this diagram in the build guide and make sure your Marty’s legs look exactly like that

My Marty’s walking, but he’s a bit wobbly

Try recalibrating with the feet slightly further towards the middle

My Marty is beeping at me!

Sounds like he’s running out of battery. Charge him up!

Marty’s motors don’t move at all when I try and calibrate!

Double check they’re plugged in the right way round - check the electronics section of the build guide.

I’m really stuck

Try going to our support site for more general help, and get in touch if you need to!