Thymio educational robot

Is it possible to program the Thymio educational robot with a tablet ?

It is possible to program the Thymio educational robot from an iPad, thanks to the Thymio Suite Mobile application.

The Thymio robot battery is defective. Can I replace it?

Yes, there is a replacement battery for Thymio. Open the 4 screws on the bottom, open the case and carefully remove the battery from the mainboard.

The battery is fixed with a doubled sided tape on the case. Replace the battery and reassemble the robot in the inverse order.

The thymio drifts when it is supposed to go straight.

Check link and if it's not working send back us the robot. Intructions are on this link.

My Wireless Thymio doesn't seem to be paired with its WiFi dongle.

You will just need to follow the manufacturer pairing instructions on this link.

Is it possible to use several thymio wireless robots in a small perimeter?

Thymio won't charge when plugged to its power supply.

Try to charge the robot with a different USB cable. The robot might also be deep discharged. If it's the case, you might want to check our article 'How to check if your Thymio is functioning correctly ?'.

Can I turn my regular Thymio II into a Wireless Thymio? If yes, how can I do that?

Yes, it is possible. You just need to buy the WiFi module for Thymio and follow these instructions to install it (please note that some soldering is required). Just follow this link.

How can I update my Thymio firmware? (the firmware is the software inside the robot, it needs to be up-to-date)

You just need to follow instructions on this link.

For which age group is Thymio best suited?

Thymio will be interesting for a very wide age range: 6 to 14-year old!

Is Thymio compatible with Scratch?

Yes, you can program Thymio with Scratch from the Thymio Suite software. Thymio Suite offers you the possibility to program Thymio with Scratch, Blockly, VPL, Aseba, on computer (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and iPad.

Where can I find exercises and activities for my lessons/workshops?

We have gathered educational resources on our blog.

One motor of my Thymio robot is not working

Please contact support on this link.

Is Thymio compatible with Chromebook (ChromeOS)?

Thymio Suite, the software bundle that was developed for Thymio is not compatibel with ChromeOS.

The tactile arrows on the robot are not working.

Please contact support on this link.

How to find the basic modes of Thymio?

The basic modes of Thymio are never erased. To recover them, you just have to leave the Aseba interface, unplug the robot, then switch it off and on again with the central button.

How do I keep my program in Thymio's memory?

The program you loaded into Thymio remains in the robot's memory until you turn it off. It is possible to save it so that the program persists even after the robot is restarted. The procedure is described : Flashing user code in Thymio.

how does a line following robot work?

The line tracking sensor will pick up the line and then send the information to the robot. The robot will follow the line.