Notre top 5 des cadeaux our Noël 2021 !

DIY Robotics: Our top 5 gifts for Xmas 2021!

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#1 Indi Mobile Robot by Sphero

This year’s favourite! An adorable robot that can decipher colours and change its behaviour depending on which coloured cards it rolls on…

Yellow makes it slow down, for example, and green makes it turn right.

You can also associate a coloured card with a sound and an action! Or create your own sounds and change the colour of your robot’s eyes!

  • Ideal for children aged 3 to 7
  • App available in French
  • Modular
  • Programmable with or without a screen

#2 Thymio Wireless Mobile Robot

The timeless Thymio is ultra-simple to use and can be up and running almost as soon as it leaves the box, thanks to its pre-programmed behaviours.

Easily programmable from your computer, it will quickly become a valuable ally for your children as they discover the joys of programming.

Thymio is a scalable robot you can program using instruction blocks (VPL 3, Scratch, Blockly) or text (Aseba, Python).

  • Ideal for children aged 6 to 14
  • App available in French
  • Compatible with LEGO bricks
  • Block or text-based programming

#3 Cubetto Robot

Cubetto is designed for the very young and takes only a few minutes to learn. Children can quickly take on challenges that will help them understand the basics of algorithms.

Cubetto is a great gift built from high-quality materials (wooden robot, fabric mat) and operates without a screen.

Additional theme-based activity mats are also available to script Cubetto’s future adventures!

  • Ideal for children aged 3 to 7
  • No screen required (PC, tablet, etc.)
  • Make your own activity mats
  • Additional accessories available (tiles, mats)

#4 Nibble Retro Game Kit

An Arduino electronic kit for all retro game fans (and others too)!

Once you’ve assembled your Nibble portable games console with its own screen, you can then program it to create your first games.

It also comes preloaded with 4 retro games, so you can relax after your workshop!

  • From 9 years
  • Assembly tools included
  • Arduino environment
  • Includes 4 games, you can then code your own!

#5 Official Arduino Starter Kit

This Arduino Starter Kit comes with everything you need to complete the 15 technical challenges, all instructive and progressively difficult, shown in the 171-page colour booklet.

Extremely popular because so easy to use, this comprehensive kit is an excellent first choice for beginners!

For anyone keen to learn how to program, create an electronic circuit, master home automation, etc.

  • From 12 years
  • Arduino environment
  • Scalable: Arduino is compatible with a multitude of sensors and add-ons
  • 171-page instruction booklet in English