NAO kicks soccer ball

Tutorial: How to teach NAO to play soccer?

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RoboCup 2014, which is to robots what FIFA World Cup is to humans, will start soon and there’s still time to get teach your programmable humanoid NAO to play soccer!

Teaching NAO play soccer tutorial made by experts

HumaRobotics engineering team and Génération Robots like to contribute to the NAO owners community so they decided to offer “NAO plays soccer” application for any
humanoid robot NAO Next Gen purchase.

If you would like to find out more about this behaviour and want to know how our team designed it with the graphical programming interface Choregraphe , a clear and explanatory video tutorial narrated by NAO himself is now available!

HumaRobotics is committed to share its knowledge of NAO Next Gen capabilties with the new owners so they quickly get started with him. Thus HumaRobotics showcased the “NAO plays poker” application at InnoRobo 2014 where humanoid NAO Next Gen robot could play poker with humans.

NAO plays poker during Innorobo 2014
NAO plays poker during Innorobo 2014