Temi: The Personal Mobile Assistant Revolution at Kellogg’s

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In the constantly evolving world of technology, brands that manage to innovate while staying true to their heritage are the ones that truly capture the public’s imagination. Kellogg’s, a brand embedded in the childhood memories of many people around the world, perfectly illustrates this dynamic by embracing the revolutionary technologies of tomorrow. The integration of the personal robot Temi into its operations is a striking example of this approach.

Temi: Your Personal Interactive Robotic Companion

Temi, the personal assistant robot, represents a true advancement in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. Designed to offer much more than standard voice assistance, Temi redefines the interaction between humans and machines through its mobility and intelligence. Equipped with a futuristic design that combines a digital tablet with a mobility system on wheels, Temi is capable of following its owner through various living spaces, responding to a variety of commands, from managing household tasks to streaming multimedia content and making video calls. Its advanced technology enables it to navigate autonomously within the home environment, avoiding obstacles and adapting to different space configurations thanks to its 3D mapping system.

The robot also incorporates an open platform, allowing developers to design custom applications to enrich its feature ecosystem. Temi is not just an assistant; it’s an interactive companion that opens the door to possibilities of learning, entertainment, and communication in an entirely new and captivating way.


Reinventing Personal Assistance and the Retail Experience with Temi

In the retail sector and within retail spaces, Temi is revolutionizing the customer experience. Its introduction into commercial spaces does more than just provide robotic assistance; it truly enriches the shopping experience through personalized interaction and its ability to provide engaging product information. Thanks to its autonomous navigation and advanced features, it can also assist customers by guiding them through the store, offering personalized recommendations, or answering questions on the spot. This innovative approach not only improves the shopping experience but also establishes a new standard in customer service within retail, turning every store visit into a captivating technological adventure.

At the Kellogg’s cafeteria in Union Square, New York, Temi is used in a fun and interactive manner, offering not just necessary operational functionality but also serving as a source of inspiration for young people who interact with it. They can choose their cereal bowl via the robot, which then shows them how to prepare it themselves. In its “event photographer” mode, Temi moves autonomously, identifying people and taking Kellogg’s branded photos, while also being able to deliver cereal bowls throughout the café, thus capturing everyone’s attention.

Cas client Temi chez Kellog's


The integration of Temi by Kellogg’s into its New York café is just one example among many of how technology can enrich the customer experience and inspire future generations. It’s a powerful demonstration of how traditional brands can evolve and remain relevant in a digital world. With innovations like Temi, we are only at the beginning of what’s possible when technology and imagination meet. The future holds even more impressive advances as Temi and other similar technologies continue to push the boundaries of what we believe to be possible.

Cas Temi chez Kellogg's

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