What’s new with Génération Robots online?

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Génération Robots gets new Twitter profiles: English, German and French

As the European specialist for service robots, and already having a trilingual website, we decided to take it a step further and go the extra mile for our English-speaking and German-speaking communities !

We just created two new Twitter accounts : one in English ( @GenRob_English ) and one in German ( @GenRob_Deutsch ), so you now have the possibility to get your daily dose of Génération Robots news in either English, German or French!

The Génération Robots website now let you pick your favorite currency


We always try to listen to your queries in order to provide the best possible service. As such, our website now offers the possibility to pay in the currency of your choice: Euro, US Dollar, Pound Sterling or Swiss Franc .

A trilingual team at your service


This blog post is also the opportunity to remind you that our Génération Robots team is not only knowledgeable , professional and dynamic , but we are also trilingual .

Next time you call, do not hesitate to do so in your language of choice (French, English or German), so we can help you best!