NXT EOPD sensor

EOPD sensor for Mindstorms NXT

NXT EOPD sensor
HiTechnic | A-000000-00519
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EOPD sensor for Lego Mindstorms NXT to detect movements and obstacles
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This EOPD (Electro Optical Proximity Detector) sensor, from HiTechnic is designed to be used with the Lego Mindstorms NXT programmable kit. It can detect objects as well as small changes in distance to an obstacle thanks to the light it emits.

Indeed, this sensor generates its own EOPD light to detect a target or detect a change in distance, which allows it to filter all external light sources that could come parasitize the measure. For example if the robot moves in a brightly lit area to a dimly lit area, then the sensor automatically compensates.


EOPD is based solely on the light it emits to perform its measurements. The sensor is based on measuring the difference before and after the light pulse it generates (The use of a pulsed light allows a relatively high light intensity, without degrading the power consumption).


The measuring distance of a target is between 0 and 20 cm, the size, shape and also the reflective properties of the target influencing the measurement. The sensor can perform up to 300 measurements per second, which allows it to detect objects moving around the robot.

All the HiTechnic sensors are Lego Hardware Certified Lego Certified Hardware

The EOPD sensors of HiTechnic all use a slightly different frequency which allows using several at once without interference.

Programming the EOPD sensor using NXT-G

NXT-G programming block for EOPD sensor NXT-G programming block for EOPD sensor NXT-G programming block for EOPD sensor

To know more about the EOPD sensor,see the article of the Hitechnic blog about EOPD sensor

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