5 project ideas for the Intel Edison board

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Explore the world of the small but powerful Intel Edison board!

Already heard of the Intel Edison board? This new platform is a full-fledged computer no bigger than an SD card ! It therefore offers great potential for all your wearable creations (e-textiles) and your projects involving the Internet of Things (IoT)!

Extremely powerful and ultra-compact, it includes a WiFi module and a Bluetooth module as well as a 70-pin connector .
The Intel Edison board is an ultra-comprehensive and powerful mini IT platform that will allow you to work on all your IoT inventions even more effectively than on an Arduino or Raspberry Pi platform.

Internet of Things with Intel Edison

Very small, it can be easily slipped into a pocket, wallet, garment or any other everyday object.

Use and connections…

An ingenious system of “blocks”, designed to be stacked on the Edison board like the shields on an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi, means you can easily increase its interaction and operating capacities (“inertial measurement unit” block, “PWM” block to control servomotors, “dual H-Bridge” block, “power” block, “display” block, “Arduino” block, etc.).

Stacked blocks on the Intel Edison board

To use the Intel Edison board to its full potential you’ll need a development board , which will provide the connectivity needed to link it to the sensors and modules needed for your projects.

You have several choices, depending on what you want to do with your Intel Edison board:

  • The Arduino development board, which will render your Edison board compatible with the Arduino hardware (and with the Grove universe, for which you’ll simply need to add a base shield!)
  • The mini Intel development board, which will allow you to use your Edison while also making the most of its size.

4 great projects to launch you into the Edison adventure!

We’ve scoured the Net looking for fun projects using the Edison board, and here is our Top 4!

#4 The flame fire alarm

Always useful in a kitchen (or why not next to a fireplace), this flame fire alarm is a fairly easy home automation project. The perfect choice for a first project!

Intel Edison project: flame fire alarm

#3 The custom doorbell

Tired of listening to the same old sound of your doorbell? Look no further, this Intel Edison board tutorial shows you how to customise it! A fun little project to keep you busy in the winter evenings!

#2 The smart toothbrush

We’ve heard it so many times, to be effective we should brush our teeth for 2 full minutes! Enter the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) with this connected toothbrush holder , and forge good habits all at the same time! A countdown is triggered when you remove your toothbrush from its holder and stops when the 2 minutes are up. A small bell then rings and a congratulatory e-mail is sent off!

Intel Edison project: TEETH connected toothbrush holder

#1 The tiny cheese maker

This project clearly deserves its position as number 1 for the reasons stated in its title – yes, it’s a mini cheese maker! The components needed for this wonderful project include 1 Intel Edison board (which goes without saying!), 1 Grove Starter Kit, some servos, plus a small candle and a small wooden structure you’ll need to make. The meeting of the modern and the past!

Intel Edison project: tiny cheese maker