Inirobot Educational resources for Thymio II

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Inirobot is a sequence of educational activities which will allow pupils and teachers to become acquainted with robotics. The robotic platform chosen for the implementation of this project is the educational robot Thymio II. With its small size, light weight and colored leds, the Thymio II is the ideal learning tool for kids!

The 3 key learning objectives of the Inirobot module are:

  • Learning a new (and probably first) computer language: the VPL (Visual Programming Language) which was developed at the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne)
  • Creating computer programs and instructions
  • Finding out more about electronic circuits and the robot/computer communication and mechanics

The project team Flowers has also made an extensive resources package available to the teachers/facilitators:

  • Learning objectives for each sequence
  • Activity management roadmaps (inc. all the assignments answers for the teachers)
  • Robot software datasheet, installation guide and user guide
  • Examples of activities and tutorials

There is also a forum dedicated to this project, all questions and feedbacks are welcome!

A testing phase was launched in several school in Aquitaine,
in May and June 2014, and the Inirobot learning module has been since then implemented in schools located in Talence (Bordeaux) and Lille.