Bras robotique Eva de Automata pour l'industrie 4.0

Eva: a robot arm for lightweight pick & place applications

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Eva is an affordable solution for automating lightweight (<1.25 kg) pick and place applications, allowing you to avoid bottlenecks, optimise process cycle times and set up additional operational teams without increasing costs.

It’s particularly well-suited to highly repetitive processes that don’t require qualified staff. The most common use cases for the Eva robot arm fall into one of five categories:

  • Machine tending
  • Product testing
  • Inspection
  • Sorting
  • Lab automation

What can I do with the Automata Eva arm?

Machine tending

Common machine tending applications with Eva include start/end of line machine loading and unloading (CNC machines, CMMs, metal presses and chemical etching machines).

Product testing

Product testing processes, whether end-of-line, ad-hoc or for R&D (continuous improvement), are generally time-consuming, costly and require a high degree of repeatability and consistency. Such operations are well-suited to Eva automation.


Using an Eva robot arm with an integrated camera for vision is a simple solution for product inspection. And Eva’s small size and light weight allow easy deployment alongside existing lines.


Bin picking and bin sorting can be two of the most challenging tasks to automate. Combining Eva with a vision system via Automata’s API provides a solution for lightweight picking and sorting.

Lab automation

There are a number of ways of using the Eva arm for lab automation, including for loading and unloading plates, cuvettes and Eppendorf tubes for analysers and centrifuges.

Eva can be easily integrated with liquid dispensers, plate washers and readers, to then run tests both during the day and overnight.

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