Partenariat Génération Robots et Happy Coders Academy

Génération Robots signs a partnership with Happy Coders Academy

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Génération Robots signs a partnership with Happy Coders Academy, a major player in digital education in Morocco and French-speaking Africa.

Happy Coders Academy, an energetic start-up launched in Casablanca in 2015, has for several years now established itself as one of the key players in the training of the young African generation in digital tools. Its ambition is to provide the African millennials with all the keys to success in an increasingly digitalized world.

Happy Coders Academy workshops

Through workshops in coding, 3D modeling, video game design, and of course robotics, the Happy Coders Academy animators transmit their passion on a daily basis, in order to allow children to understand and master the digital tools that surround them. More than 10,000 children have already been introduced to its active pedagogy based on investigation, research and experimentation.

Happy Coders Academy workshops in Abidjan, Casablanca and Dakar

For its part, Génération Robots, specialized in the distribution of educational robotics products, has always sought to go beyond this single commercial activity. For Jérôme Laplace, its director, it is indeed essential to offer support and educational content, in addition to the only hardware platform.

Thus, Génération Robots regularly publishes turnkey activities around programming, and is strongly involved in the French and European educational community through various programs and competitions, including the RoboCup.

It is therefore only natural that these two teams of enthusiasts have made their partnership official and Happy Coders Academy became the representative of the Generation Robots in North and West Africa on April 7th.

Objective: to combine the knowledge of the field of the one and the robotics and logistics expertise of the other to extend the training proposal to new territories.

The Happy Coders Academy adventure, which began in Casablanca, has already crossed borders: in 2019, two new labs will open their doors, one in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and the other in Dakar (Senegal)! Over the next few years, other labs are expected to be created in neighbouring countries.

For the managers of both companies, it is in any case the beautiful prelude to a great adventure!

We are proud to announce this partnership which consolidates 4 years of fruitful collaboration with Génération Robots. This partnership will help to foster vocations in digital in Africa to make young Africans true “consumers” of digital, and not just passive users.

Evelyne Beguinot, director of development and co-owner of Happy Coders Academy

When I created Génération Robots in 2008, my aim was to spread the new robotics technologies to as many people as possible, so that everyone could better understand and master these increasingly common tools. Our role is to select the right technologies and to act in the field, we are above all roboticians. We have been collaborating for several years with Happy Coders Academy, which is doing the same in French-speaking Africa. We are happy to formalize and strengthen our partnership, our two companies share the same values and the same passion for educational robotics.

Jérôme Laplace, founder and CEO of Génération Robots