Robot programmable NAO Next Gen

Meet humanoid NAO Next Gen robot, now available at Génération Robots

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Introducing NAO Next Gen

If you’re interested in service robotics, there are strong chances that you already met the programmable humanoid NAO robot. Since its creation Aldebaran Robotics in 2007,
four versions have already been released, the fourth being NAO Next Gen.
NAO Next Gen has 25 degrees of freedom, 2 HD cameras, 4 microphones, 2 hi-Fi speakers, runs an Intel ATOM 1.6 GHz CPU, WiFi connectivity, 9 tactile sensors, 8 pressure sensors,
a voice synthesizer and an autonomy that can last up to 1.5 hours. You can see NAO showing its key features in the following video:

All of these key features enable him to walk in all directions, talk in 19 languages, detect faces and shapes, protect itself when it falls and localize sound source.
Since building robotics application can be challenging, Aldebaran Robotics created a multiplatform (Windows, Linux and Mac OS) and multi-languages SDK (C++, Python, Java and .Net) to create applications for your NAO Next Gen robot. You can also easily take advantage of NAO’s features by using the intuitive programming interface Chorégraphe (included in the Software suite ).

NAO Next Gen by Génération Robots : A unique offer

Programmable humanoid NAO Next Gen robot has the ability to catch attention, showcase your development skills and engage customers in a creative way. Your company can stand out from the crowd, be seen as an innovative partner and acquire customers with NAO Next Gen.
Until now, only academic, individual developers and a few handpicked corporate clients could acquire NAO Next Gen. The good news is that Génération Robots offers individual developers
and small companies an unique opportunity to invest in a NAO Next Gen unit:

  • 1 NAO Next Gen
  • 1 software suite license including Chorégraphe (Programming graphical interface), Webots for NAO (a 3D simulator) and the SDK
  • 12 months NAO store Application Validation service subscription (NAO application distribution platform)
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 1 exclusive application “NAO plays football” created by HumaRobotics

Génération Robots close partnership with Aldebaran Robotics started in 2010 when our founder Jérôme Laplace became part of NAO beta testing team. Our company grew and in 2012 our HumaRobotics service team became Aldebaran Robotics’ official training providers for NAO programming classes.
We proved our technical and programming expertise by creating among others the famous “NAO plays Connect 4” game in 2011:

To find out more about the «Develop on NAO ” offer, join Génération Robots at
Innorobo taking place from March 18th to 22nd in Lyon (France). This is the opportunity to discover our other NAO exclusive applications such as “NAO plays Poker”.

“Develop on NAO” bundles to start creating applications

Génération Robots “Develop on NAO Next Gen” offers range are the following:

The Expert Bundle gives you more software suite licenses (5 for our “Develop on NAO Next Gen-Expert” offer), warranty and NAO store application validation service years (2 years for our Premium and 3 years for our Expert offer).