On the test bench: the EZGripper by SAKE Robotics

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The EZGripper by SAKE Robotics in a nutshell

Our “GR Lab” robotics engineers recently had a chance to test the EZGripper developed by SAKE Robotics. The tests were carried out using the research and education version of the Rethink Robotics Sawyer robot.

Result: a universal (compatible with numerous robotic arms) and ultra-versatile gripper capable of grasping both slender and bulky objects, whether heavy or light.

The EZGripper by SAKE Robotics: our thoughts

EZGripper V2 is capable of picking up objects of different sizes, whether heavy or soft . It has a spring-loaded finger system with two phalanges allowing it to adapt to objects of different shapes (round, square, triangular, etc.).

The control scripts provided by SAKE Robotics make it easy to use this gripper on a robotic arm for pick-and-place tasks.

SAKE Robotics has chosen a Dynamixel MX-64 servo motor to drive the gripper’s movement, allowing users to obtain various information concerning the gripper’s status, including its position (open/closed) and the applied torque. You can also choose the closure torque, closure angle and closure speed. This allows you to pick up a wide range of different objects , including fragile or very heavy objects, with a firm grip (no risk of dropping the object seized).

Its universal attachment system means you can position it very easily on different types of robotic arms.

The gripper’s finger grips also prevent objects from slipping .

Below is a demo video showing the EZGripper by SAKE Robotics

Possible uses of the EZGripper by SAKE Robotics

The EZGripper has a multitude of uses, since it’s a gripper that allows you to pick up fragile objects like fruit, vegetables and crisp packets.

Its spring-loaded two-finger system can also cope with round, heavy items like bottles of water.

So the gripper is an excellent compromise in an environment where a variety of objects need to be handled (for example to restock shelves in a grocery store).

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Contact us at contact@generationrobots.com or by phone on +33 (0)5 56 39 37 05 if you’d like more information about the EZGripper.