Ozobot Classroom: Plateforme pour Ozobot dédiée aux enseignants

Ozobot Classroom: Ozobot platform designed for teachers

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Ozobot: a cross-disciplinary educational robot

The Ozobot Evo and Ozobot Bit educational robots are perfect pedagogical aids for cross-curricular teaching (can be used for different subject matters), in not only primary but also secondary schools.

Ozobot is both affordable (from €69.90 incl. VAT) and one of the most popular educational robots on the market. For use in the classroom, you can also purchase cases holding several robots, such as the cases containing 12 or 18 Ozobot Evo robots.

Ozobot Classroom Kit Unboxed

Ozobot is so special that it’s frequently chosen as a teaching aid for all types of subjects, not just programming, technology and extracurricular activities like robotics.

  • Natural sciences => Ozobot cell Model
  • History => Magellan’s great explorations
  • ELA => Vowel Sounds with Ozobot
  • Apprendre le parcours de Magellan avec Ozobot

    Programming methods tailored to the level of your pupils

    You can use Ozobot in unplugged mode (without a computer or tablet), with a programming interface accessible from a web browser (OzoBlockly), or using dedicated apps (iOS and Android).

    Since 2020, the Ozobot brand has offered a platform for teachers called Ozobot Classroom. It’s a great teaching aid with explanations for everything from creating comprehensive Ozobot lessons to managing several devices.

    Quick overview of the Ozobot Classroom interface

    The Ozobot Classroom platform allows you to:

  • follow your pupils’ progress in real time
  • prepare classes based on existing lessons or imagine lessons to create your own classes, with several degrees of difficulty to ensure a smooth progression
  • control the robots by associating them with the tablets used by pupils
  • teach programming with the OzoBlockly software and its 5 levels of progression
  • consult the FAQ, resources and videos, with full explanations

The Dashboard gives you access to the site and to explanatory videos for teachers.

Ozobot Classroom Dashboard

It will help you to understand how the two different ways of programming work, and provide access to a wide range of lessons and a lesson creator.

You will find all the information you need concerning the latest updates. There is a code provided with the education kits that will unlock all its features.