Le nouveau SDK v1.1 supporte ROS Indigo

Release of the new SDK 1.1 for the Baxter robot

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The Baxter robot’s SDK has been updated to version 1.1: you can now use the research version of the collaborative robot with the latest ROS release – Indigo! First you will need to install Ubuntu 14.04 on your workstation in order to make the very most of the latest version of ROS .

Less than a year after the release of the last SDK , Rethink Robotics, founded by the eminent researcher Rodney Brooks , has confirmed its determination to create a collaborative platform supported by a programming environment that is regularly updated with new features.

In this updated version of the SDK, you will also find a new program example for the Kinect camera , as well as a joint trajectory action server offering more fluid movements, as was the case with the latest Intera release, the software platform for the “manufacturing” version of the Baxter robot .

Highlights of this new release:

  • SDK 1.1 now supports ROS Indigo
  • SDK 1.1 is compatible with Ubuntu 14.04
  • Supports depth sensors like the Kinect camera via RViz and MoveIt!
  • New joint trajectory action server

The update is available for download from the Rethink Robotics community website (instructions for updating from 1.0. to 1.1).

Need help to upgrade your workstation to Ubuntu 14.04? Step-to-step instructions are available from the manufacturer’s website .

To learn more about the update, you can read the release notes published on the Rethink Robotics website .

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