Baxter robot found its marks thanks to Intera 3.1

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Rethink Robotics announced on Nov. 3rd the availability of a new feature: “Robot Positionning system”. Baxter collaborative robot is now able to manage and adapt to a changing working environment.

Intera 3.1, the latest software upgrade, the feature “Robot positioning system” allows to react more quickly to unexpected changes in a working environment such as a changing layout.

Baxter collaborative robot comes with great features making it easy to deploy in the first place such as the ability to train it very quickly. Now changes after training Baxter collaborative robot is getting easier to manage.

Indeed Rethink Robotics is putting their founder’s vision into practice, and thought of «Landmarks™», basically markers that will make it easier to switch between tasks without the hassle of teaching Baxter new gestures all over again. «Landmarks™» are part of its existing embedded vision system. What if someone moves the markers around would you ask me? Well Baxter will identify markers as being the original ones, spot the new locations and adapt its moves even if markers would be slightly changed.

Manufacturers are facing challenging issues when it comes to changing working environments. Rethink Robotics fix many of these key subjects such as interrupted productions with easy to use and deploy automated solutions.

“Manufacturing robots have always been caged, not only to protect the workers around them from harm, but also to protect their precisely configured environments from being disrupted by those same workers” according Scott Eckert, Rethink Robotics CEO.

Users can now set up Baxter working environment with up to 20 « Landmarks™», which gives an idea on how time-saving this feature can be. “Robot positioning system” allows adapting quickly to horizontal changes of +/-50mm and +/-10 degrees rotation within a working environment, just by identifying new « Landmarks™ » markers. Result: An automation solution that is time saving and keep production lines running. “No other robot built for manufacturers can come close to providing the flexibility and adaptability of Baxter.” said Chris Hager, Information Technology Manager at Praxis Packaging Solutions.

The latest Intera 3.1 software upgrade of Rethink Robotics makes the best out of Baxter platform including its sensors, “smart software” and embedded vision.

Through the numerous software updates, Rethink Robotics can keep innovating at a fast pace by using a model where an low-cost robot is improving its value over time. A collaborative robot becoming more and more autonomous, thus reducing the time spent on redeployment every time, is turning into a reality.

Intera 3.1 will be provided by Generation Robots, Baxter official partner, contact us for more info.

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