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The Generation Robots group has announced it has raised a €3 million

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The Génération Robots group has announced it has raised a €3 million round of financing to support its growth. At the same time, the company has rebranded itself as NGX Robotics

Mérignac, 31 May 2023

Leading innovator in mobile and collaborative robotics, the Génération Robots group, which includes Génération Robots and Humarobotics, announces its first round of financing for a total of 3 million euros, secured by AQUITI Gestion and GT Logistics. This operation marks an important milestone in the group’s development and reflects the investors’ confidence in its potential.

This is a turning point in the growth of the group, now known as NGX Robotics.

NGX Robotics is structured around 4 complementary business units:

  • Génération Robots: distributor of robots and robotic service equipment for companies, research and higher education. Génération Robots is one of the major players in this market niche in Europe.
  • GrLab: the group’s engineering office, which designs, builds, and programs autonomous mobile robots for cutting-edge sectors such as nuclear power, transport, aerospace, defense or farming. Staffed by engineers and PhDs in robotics, this team offers comprehensive mechanical and electrical design services. GrLab’s team also have a strong expertise in the development of algorithms for autonomous robots (mobility, gripping, perception, control…).
  • Running Brains: built and commercializes a full autonomous mobile robot, the GR100, for outdoor patrol of industrial sites. This robot handles security (detection and remote interpellation of intruders) and inspection (taking measurements to anticipate risk situations on sensitive industrial sites) missions. GR100 robots have been deployed on critical sites in France and soon, in Europe.
  • Humarobotics: distributor of collaborative robot arms, Humarobotics is the French distributor of the Doosan Robotics brand. Among other products, Humarobotics offers an Apave-certified collaborative palletizer.

Founded 15 years ago, the NGX Robotics group now employs 30 people and has recorded consolidated turnover of 10 million euros in 2022. The group has offices in France (Mérignac (33), Paris and Lyon) and Germany (Berlin).

AQUITI Gestion, one of the major private equity funding firms in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, with over 200 million euros under management and more than 200 portfolio companies, took part in the fund-raising.

In addition to its equity stake, AQUITI Gestion brings invaluable expertise and an extensive network of partners.

In addition, GT Logistics, an existing shareholder of NGX Robotics, has renewed its commitment to the company by increasing and extending its shareholding.

GT Logistics’ continued support reflects its recognition of NGX Robotics’ strategic vision and unique positioning in the robotics market.

The funds raised will be used to support the growth of NGX Robotics’ various activities, and to strengthen its internal structure. This investment will enable NGX Robotics to boost the development of its products and services, expand its presence in new markets and continue to offer cutting-edge solutions to its customers.

The company’s ambition is to establish itself as a major player in service and industrial robotics in France and Europe, and to play a leading role in the industry.

“As CEO of NGX Robotics, I would like to express my gratitude to our existing investors, in particular GT Logistics, for their trust and ongoing support. We are also delighted to be able to count on AQUITI Gestion as a strategic partner in this new exciting chapter of our growth,” says Jérôme Laplace, CEO and founder of the group.

He adds: “We are convinced that this round of financing will enable us to strengthen our position in the robotics market, seize new opportunities and achieve our ambitious goals. Our talented and dedicated team remains fully committed to delivering innovative solutions and meeting the changing needs of our customers.”

“We are delighted to join Jérôme Laplace and his team in this new chapter for the NGX Robotics group. We were won over by the coherence and complementarity of the group’s activities, its strong local commitment and its ability to seize promising opportunities despite the ups and downs of the recent economic crisis. We are fully confident in the Group’s potential to consolidate and extend its position as European leader in robotics distribution, and on the AMR market, with its GR100 robot. This is the fourth investment in the Relance Nouvelle Aquitaine (RNA) fund, which was launched by AQUITI Gestion in July 2022,” adds Lydia Seraline, Director of Participations at AQUITI Gestion.

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About NGX Robotics

Génération Robots
Génération Robots is a major player on the robotic European market. The equipment that the firm distribute is aimed at businesses seeking to create innovative robotic solutions, as well as research centers and universities.

Our engineering department develops robots based on our clients’ detailed specifications, to deliver a full turnkey project. Specialized in autonomous programming (perception, localization, navigation, gripping, deep learning…), our R&D department is one of the few players able to build autonomous robots with a high TRL. The GrLab has produced robots for nuclear decommissioning, autonomous robots for defense, agriculture, industry and transportation.

Running Brains
This new business unit has built its own robot and sells it. This robot, called GR100, is entirely made in France. It is an autonomous patrol robot that monitors industrial sites. The robot detects intruders (safety), but also prevents accidents or fires by making on-board measurements and controls along its path (security). This all-weather, rugged robot is equipped with numerous sensors, enabling it to carry out its mission in full autonomy.

Humarobotics distributes Doosan Robotics collaborative robot arms. Its teams deploy the arms on industrial production sites, in sectors as diversified as cosmetics, plastics, electronics, aeronautics, food processing, etc. Humarobotics has designed a collaborative palletizing solution based on Doosan robots.

About GT Logistics

GT Logistics was founded in 2001 by Eric Sarrat as part of a family entrepreneurial adventure that has been going on for almost a century. GT Logistics generates sales of 100 million euros and employs over 1,400 people. It was awarded Great Place to Work certification in 2022.

About AQUITI Gestion

Operating in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region for 25 years, AQUITI Gestion is an AMF-approved management company specializing in private equity. With a team of 20 investment experts based in three offices – Bordeaux, Limoges and Poitiers – AQUITI Gestion is firmly rooted in the region, working closely with local companies. With more than €200 million under administration, AQUITI Gestion covers all the needs of companies in its territory: ranging from innovation loans to capital investments in companies in the seed, creation, development or transfer phase, thanks to dedicated teams and funds. This strategy helps to fund start-ups and SMEs from €10,000 up to €10 million, and to support them in meeting ESG-T (Environmental, Social, Governance and Territorial) issues.

AQUITI Gestion has invested in NGX Robotics through the Relance Nouvelle Aquitaine (RNA) and Aquitaine Création Investissement (ACI) funds.