QTI Line Follower AppKit for the Boe-Bot
QTI Line Follower AppKit for the Boe-Bot

QTI Line Follower AppKit for the Boe-Bot

Parallax Inc. | A-000000-00221
QTI infrared sensors to make your Boe-Bot robot follow lines on the floor
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Size Chart

This kit uses QTI infrared emitter/receiver modules to easily enhance the line-following capability of your Boe-Bot robot. Mount three or four sensors underneath the Boe-Bot chasis, and adjust the position to detect lines of different widths. Learning to use the QTI is easy with the illustrated instructions and example BASIC Stamp code provided.

QTI Infrared sensors

The QTI infrared sensor is a proximity sensor, miniatirized, with a pair of IR transceiver.

  • Under the analogic mode, it can detect different levels of infrared reflectivity in order to detect different levels of gray.
  • Under the digital mode, its behavior is more simple beacuse it detect's only black or white

By aligning four QTI infrared sensors under the Boe-Bot robot, you create a far more effective line follower robot

4 QTI line sensors to use with a programmable Boe-Bot robot

This kit contains 4 QTI infrared sensors. The QTI infrared sensors are fixed under the Boe-Bot robot using screws provided in the kit

QTI line follower kit for programmable Boe-Bot robotHow to plug the QTI sensors on a programmable Boe-Bot robot

An example of code of a line follower robot using Pbasic is available at this address

This kit is ROHS compliant
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