Bee-Bot Treasure Island Mat
Bee-Bot Treasure Island Mat

Bee-Bot Treasure Island Mat

TTS | A-000000-02408

The Bee-Bot Treasure Island Mat is both a visual and educational tool and a springboard for triggering your pupils’ imaginations. With your Blue-Bot and its treasure island, you’ll create an unforgettable programming workshop!

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Size Chart
Size Chart

Bee-Bot Treasure Island Mat: a pirate adventure for all your pupils

Turn on your Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot robot, then leave it up to your pupils to tell it where to go by programming it with the navigational arrows on its back, the programming strip or on a tablet.

To which square of the Bee-Bot mat must the robot move to find the treasure?

Technical specifications of the Blue-Bot Treasure Island Mat

  • Mat dimensions: 75 x 75 cm
  • 25 squares
  • For Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot robots

Resources for the Bee-Bot educational robot

Educational activities for the Bee-Bot robot


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