Tapis Formes, Couleurs et Tailles pour Beebot/bluebot

Shapes, Colours and Sizes mat for Beebot/bluebot robot

Tapis Formes, Couleurs et Tailles pour Beebot/bluebot
TTS | A-000000-02492
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The Shapes, Colours and Sizes Mat for Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot educational robots is designed for very young children.

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Shapes, Colors and Sizes Mats for Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot Educational Robots

This mats for the educational robots Blue-bot and Bee-Bot Shapes, Colors, and Sizes will teach your young students to recognize shapes, colors and become familiar with distances.

Technical specifications of the Blue-Bot Shapes, Colours, and Sizes mat

  • For Beebot and Blue-Bot robot
  • Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm
    My Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot does not charge any more

    The two steps below explain how to test your robot for power problems. 1) Reinitialize the robot: Open the battery compartment by loosening the screw. The screw is triangular and is located on the square plate at the bottom of the robot. Remove the battery and reinsert it to reinitialize your Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot. If that does not help, continue with point 2. 2) Test with a different battery: Insert a working battery to see if the problem is related to the battery or the robot

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