Pack complet 6 BlueBot avec accessoires et valise de transport

Complete pack of 6 BlueBots with accessories and carrying case

Pack complet 6 BlueBot avec accessoires et valise de transport
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Complete Pack of 6 BlueBots: the arsenal of mass education!

With this pack of 6 BlueBots, you are guaranteed to have the essential accessories to carry out a large number of robotics initiation activities!

The already numerous activities with the BlueBot robot alone can be further extended, thanks to the programming bar included in the pack. And to go even further, we have even included the Sequential Cards Extension Pack! Not forgetting, of course, a charger so that your little bees never run out of honey!

The case contains a pre-cut foam that conforms to the shape of the robots and their accessories, for safe transport! A place for everything, and everything in its place!

Contents of the suitcase:

Case dimensions: 455x330x152mm.

If you already own the robots, you can also buy the empty suitcase separately!

Resources of the suitcase of 6 Bluebot

Data sheet
    What is the difference between the educational robots Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot?

    The biggest difference is the addition of a Bluetooth module on the Blue-Bot robots. Thanks to the Bluetooth module, young users can program and control their robot with a tablet, a smartphone or the Blue-Bot programming bar !

    Is the Blue-Bot programming bar compatible with the Bee-Bot robot?

    No, the Bee-Bot robot does not have any Bluetooth chip, so the only way to control it is with the buttons on its back.

    My Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot does not charge any more

    The two steps below explain how to test your robot for power problems. 1) Reinitialize the robot: Open the battery compartment by loosening the screw. The screw is triangular and is located on the square plate at the bottom of the robot. Remove the battery and reinsert it to reinitialize your Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot. If that does not help, continue with point 2. 2) Test with a different battery: Insert a working battery to see if the problem is related to the battery or the robot

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