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AgileX Robotics launches two new versions of its LIMO robot: Limo PRO & Limo ROS2

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The LIMO mobile robot is an open-source robotic platform that allows for exploring and learning autonomous navigation. In addition to its standard version, AgileX Robotics is launching  LIMO PRO and LIMO ROS2 , two new versions with even more advanced sensors and extended battery life.

What is the LIMO robot?

AgileX Robotics’ mobile robot LIMO features a scalable design and a 100 % ROS support, specifically tailored for AI learning and autonomous navigation application development. As an open-source robotic platform, LIMO is fully programmable using available resources, making it an ideal choice for both robotics engineering students and researchers. Furthermore, its compatibility with Google Assistant significantly expands its capabilities, making it a versatile robot for service and hospitality.

This robot features an AgileX mobile platform with interchangeable wheels. It’s easy to switch between a tracked configuration, a 4-wheeled omnidirectional configuration, differential drive, or Ackermann steering.

LIMO provides numerous applications for autonomous navigation, including:

  • Mapping
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Obstacle avoidance and path planning
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM and V-SLAM)

Equipped with a camera, LiDAR, and a robust inertial unit, LIMO mobile robot can autonomously explore its environment. It maps, localizes, monitors, and analyzes its surroundings with impeccable accuracy. These features are ideal for security and surveillance missions. Furthermore, this hardware can turn LIMO into an autonomous UGV that can map any areas it drives through.


In its standard configuration, the LIMO mobile robo is equipped with an Nvidia Jetson Nano, an EAI X2L LiDAR, and an Orbbec DaBai depth camera.


The professional version of the mobile robot LIMO is equipped with the powerful NVIDIA Orin Nano, a LiDAR EAT T-mini Pro, and the Orbbec Dabai depth camera. These powerful sensors provide the robot with robust perception of its environment, making it ideal for the development of autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance and visual recognition applications. LIMO PRO proves to be a top-notch robotic platform for students and researchers. Its multiple advanced sensors and software make immersive learning easy. LIMO PRO’s compatibility with ROS1 Noetic and ROS2 Foxy ensures flexible software integration. Additionally, its battery provides up to 2.5 hours of continuous use.


The LIMO ROS 2 mobile robot is equipped with an Intel NCU i7 processor, allowing it to run ROS2 on Ubuntu 22.04.This version is particularly well-suited for research andeducation in the field of autonomous robotics. LIMO ROS2 offers the opportunity to explore the latest features of ROS2, integrating key open-source frameworks such as Navigation2 for mobile robot navigation and MoveIt2 for advanced robotic arm motion planning. In addition, LIMO ROS2 benefits from extended battery life, providing up to 2,5 hours of continuous use.

LIMO, LIMO PRO and LIMO ROS2: what are the differences between the mobile robots?

Dimensions 322*220*251mm 322*220*251mm 322*220*251mm
Weight 4.8kg 4.8kg 4.8kg
Payload 4kg 4kg 4kg
Ground Clearance 24mm 24mm 24mm
Steering Structure 40 N·m 40 N·m 40 N·m
Real Display 7 inch 7 inch 7 inch
IPC Jeston Nano Orin Nano Intel NUC i7
Depth Camera Orbbec DaBai Orbbec DaBai Orbbec DaBai
LiDAR EAI X2L EAI T-mini Pro EAI T-mini Pro
Battery 5.2Ah 12V 10Ah 12V 10Ah 12V
Working Time 1H 2.5H 2.5H
Standby Time 2H 4H 4H
Operating System Ubuntu 18.04 Ubunutu 20.04 Ubunutu 22.04
ROS Version ROS1 Melodic ROS1 Noetic/ROS2 Foxy ROS2 Humble
Control Method Mobile App/Command Control Mobile App/Command Control Mobile App/Command Control
App Control Range 10m 10m 10m

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3 238,800 € incl. VAT