LIMO Open-Source Mobile Robot (ROS compatible)

LIMO Open-Source Mobile Robot (ROS compatible)

LIMO Open-Source Mobile Robot (ROS compatible)
AgileX Robotics | A-000000-04918
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Discover LIMO, a robot based on an Agilex mobile platform. This evolutionary robotic structure is dedicated to the development of artificial intelligence. LIMO is available in 3 versions: LIMO, LIMO PRO, and LIMO ROS2.

Available in 4 to 6 weeks

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LIMO Mobile Robot: Everything for Your Navigation AI

The Agilex LIMO mobile robot offers an evolutionary structure and full ROS compatibility dedicated to AI development and autonomous navigation applications. This open-source mobile robot is fully programmable with open resources and is perfect for students (in robotics engineering, GEII, etc.) and for the research world. Furthermore, its compatibility with Google Assistant provides various possibilities as a service and reception robot.

It consists of an Agilex mobile platform with interchangeable wheels. You can switch between track driving, 4-wheel omnidirectional driving, differential driving, or Ackermann steering.

4 Types of Applications Available in Autonomous Navigation

The LIMO mobile robot is compatible with ROS (1 and 2) and the Gazebo simulator. This provides access to a wide range of open-access demos and sample programs for the development of your artificial intelligence.

LIMO Robot for Autonomous Navigation

LIMO allows you to explore various possibilities in terms of autonomous navigation:

  • Mapping
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Obstacle avoidance and path planning
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM and V-SLAM)

With its built-in camera, LiDAR, and robust inertial unit, your LIMO mobile robot explores, detects, monitors, and analyzes its environment like a true sentinel. Ideal for security and surveillance applications and for creating an autonomous UGV capable of mapping all the places it traverses.

LIMO Mobile Robot: 3 Available Versions

The LIMO robotic platform comes in 3 versions: a standard, pro, and ROS2.

LIMO Mobile Robot: Standard Version

The basic version of the LIMO mobile robot includes an Nvidia Jetson Nano, an EAI X2L LiDAR, and an Orbbec DaBai depth camera.

LIMO Robot Schema

LIMO PRO: Robotic Platform for Immersive Learning

The LIMO PRO mobile robot integrates the NVIDIA Orin Nano, an EAI T-mini Pro LiDAR, and the Orbbec Dabai depth camera. These various sensors give the robot a robust perception of its environment. It is ideal for developing applications for autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and visual recognition.

LIMO PRO is an ideal robotic platform for students and researchers. Its numerous sensors and advanced software facilitate immersive learning.

LIMO PRO is compatible with ROS 1 Noetic and ROS 2 Foxy for flexible software integration. Its battery provides up to 2.5 hours of continuous use.

LIMO Pro Robot Schema

LIMO ROS 2: The Power of Intel NCU i7

The LIMO ROS 2 mobile robot is equipped with an Intel NCU i7 processor, allowing it to run ROS 2 on Ubuntu 22.04. This version is ideal for research and education in the field of autonomous mobile robots.

LIMO ROS 2 enables exploration of the latest capabilities of ROS 2, including key open-source frameworks such as Navigation2 for mobile robot navigation and MoveIt2 for advanced robotic arm motion planning.

LIMO ROS 2 has a long-lasting battery life of 2.5 hours. It is available with ROS 2 only (not with ROS 1).

LIMO ROS 2 Robot Schema

Comparison of Different LIMO Versions

Ground clearance24mm24mm24mm
Steering Structure40 N·m40 N·m40 N·m
IPCJeston NanoOrin NanoIntel NUC i7
Depth CameraOrbbec DaBaiOrbbec DaBaiOrbbec DaBai
LiDAREAI X2LEAI T-mini ProEAI T-mini Pro
Battery5.2Ah 12V10Ah 12V10Ah 12V
Working Time1H2.5H2.5H
Standby Time2H4H4H
Operating SystemUbuntu 18.04Ubunutu 20.04Ubuntu 22.04
ROS VersionROS1 MelodicROS1 Noetic/ROS2 FoxyROS2 Humble
Control MethodMobile App/Command ControlMobile App/Command ControlMobile App/Command Control
App Control Range10m10m10m

Technical Specifications of LIMO, LIMO PRO, and LIMO ROS2 Robots

Overall Dimensions322*220*251mm322*220*251mm322*220*251mm
Minimum ground clearance24mm24mm24mm
Wheel base200 mm200 mm200 mm
Tread175 mm175 mm175 mm
Drive typeHub motor (4x14.4W)Hub motor (4x14.4W)Hub motor (4x14.4W)
No load max speed1 m/s1 m/s1 m/s
Ackermann minimum turning radius0,4 m0,4 m0,4 m
Work environment-10°C ~ +40°C-10°C ~ +40°C-10°C ~ +40°C
Max. climbing capacity40°40°40°
Power interfaceDC (5.5x2.1mm)DC (5.5x2.1mm)DC (5.5x2.1mm)
Operating SystemUbuntu 18.04Ubunutu 20.04Ubuntu 22.04
CPU6 Core Arm@ Cortex@-A78AEi7-1135G7@2.40GHz x 8
GPU1024-core CUDAXe Graphics
Battery5.2Ah 12V10Ah 12V10Ah 12V
Working time1H2.5H2.5H
Stand-by time2H4H4H
Communication interfaceWifi, BluetoothWifi, BluetoothWifi, Bluetooth
LiDAREAI X2LEAI T-mini ProEAI T-mini Pro
Depth cameraOrbbec DaBaiOrbbec DaBaiOrbbec DaBai
IPCJeston Nano 4GJetson Orin Nano 8GIntel NUC i7 8G
USB-HUBTYPE-C x1,USB2.0 x2TYPE-C x1,USB2.0 x2TYPE-C x1,USB2.0 x2
Display7 inch touch screen7 inch touch screen7 inch touch screen
ROS VersionROS1 MelodicROS1 Noetic/ROS2 FoxyROS2 Humble
Control modeMobile APP,command controlMobile APP,command controlMobile APP,command control
Mobile APPBluetooth,maximum distance 10mBluetooth,maximum distance 10mBluetooth,maximum distance 10m
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