Baxter RoboBusiness 2014

Five reasons why you should attend RoboBusiness Europe 2014

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Europe is gaining traction as a genuine alternative for robotics manufacturers and innovations. After attending Innorobo 2014, the largest European tradeshow in March 2014 , Génération Robots will feature at another major robotics event, RoboBusiness Europe 2014 , occuring from 26th until 28th May 2014. If you’re unsure whether you should attend it or not, here are a few reasons that should help you make up your mind.

1. Where robotics developers meet end-users

Robobusiness Europe is a breakthrough event for robotics. This is finally an event where robotics developers can encounter consumers and find out what they expect from robots. Whether you’re a consumer, developer, potential manufacturer or a curious person, this event should give you the interesting mix of market roundtables and discussions to discover what robot manufacturers have in mind. Find out more in the full agenda available online.

2. Robomatch: Matchmaking for technology and business ventures

If you’re looking for technology or business opportunities, then this is the place to be. After a successful Robomatch 2013, more than 30 meetings will take place during Robomatch 2014 over two working days, 26-27th May 2014. This is an event free of charge for Robobusiness 2014 attendees.

3. For exclusive demos of Baxter and Double telepresence robot

Generation Robots will be there exhibiting the famous Baxter Research Robot from Rethink Robotics, but also Telepresence Double robot from Double Robotics. If you haven’t been introduced to Baxter, you can find out in the video below what it is capable of. In addition an upcoming SDK and a new software update will allow us to show unseen demos.

4. Insightful talks covering a wide range of industries

Academia, research and corporate speakers from blue-chip companies such as BMW, BA Systems or Lego will be covering talks on:

  • Healthcare & Welfare
  • Production
  • Automobile industry
  • Intelligent & robotic farming
  • Waste Management
  • Energy

5. Because it’s in Legoland!

If you like robots and Lego, then there are no better place to be! Think about emergent and established exhibitors showcasing their latest robotics projects in a large scale event lasting three days at the Legoland hotel and conference center! Get a chance to visit the Lego Factory to get an idea of how are Lego bricks produced.