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An assistant full of surprises

With its presence sensors in its eyes, it will be able to address you, while following you with its eyes and propose you many activities. It will be able to help your staff from simple tasks and unclog your lobby.

Expressive gestures

With its articulated hands and fingers, Pepper will seem more alive to life when you interact with it. In addition, it can follow you thanks to the application Follow Me, which uses the tactile sensor on the back of the robot’s hand

A great dancer

An articulated robot with 20 degrees of freedom, Pepper is able to move energetically and sway thanks to the dance modules (SMART Pepper app).

The sense of balance

Thanks to its collision avoidance system, Pepper detects people and obstacles to reduce the risk of unplanned collisions. Pepper is able to maintain its balance, which prevents him from falling, if someone pushes the robot. Our Pepper Remote app allows you to tele-operate your Pepper robot.

Smooth phrasing

Equipped with 4 directional microphones on the top of its head, Pepper can understand you but can also detect in which direction you are when you speak. Of course, Pepper can answer using its 2 speakers. You can also remotely control what the robot will say through the Pepper Remote app.

An integrated tablet

The tablet installed on the chest of Pepper allows the robot to display information, an application or to interact in a tactile way: a real plus for a robot! Discover our SMART Pepper app that uses both the tablet and the features of the robot.

Un regard malicieux

Pepper has a vision consisting of 2 color cameras and a depth camera, which allows the robot to spot you, look at you and even recognize emotions. In addition, the LEDs around Pepper’s eyes allow Pepper to express its emotions, which makes the robot more human.

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