Pepper the robot was designed to interact with people and be expressive, as it is equipped with a set of sensors and interactive equipment, allowing it to lead a discussion with the user. In addition, it is equipped with a set of sensors, such as laser sensors, to manage its safety and that of people around.

Technical specifications - Pepper robot

  • Size
  • Height: 120 cm, width 42,50 cm, lenght: 48,50 cm
  • Weight
  • 28 kg
  • Battery
  • Type: lithium-ion 30 Ah / 795 Wh
  • Autonomy
  • about 12 hours
  • Interaction sensors
  • 4 microphones, 2 RGB HD cameras (mouth and forehead), 5 tactile sensors (3 in the head and 2 on the hands), touch screen on the breast
  • Motion sensors
  • 1 3D camera behind the eyes for depth and detection of movements and obstacles
  • In the legs: 2 sonar, 6 lasers, one gyrosensor
  • Movement
  • 3 omni-directional wheels
  • Maximum speed
  • 5 km / h
  • Degree of freedom of the joints
  • Head: 2, shoulder: 2, elbow: 2, wrist: 1, hands (5 fingers): 1, waist: 2, knees: 1, base: 3
  • Operating system
  • NAOqi OS
  • Net load
  • 500 g arm strecteched out
  • Display
  • Écran tactile de 10,1 pouces
  • Network
  • Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n)
  • Connexion Ethernet

Choregraphe software

Choregraphe is the graphic software created by Softbank that allows you to create applications on the Pepper robot. An application can be composed of “boxes” that can make the robot move, say things, turn on its LEDs, etc.


It is also possible to modify the inside of the boxes or to create your own script thanks to the Python programming language.


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Choregraphe has been thought for all types of use: take your first steps in robotics without knowing how to write a line of code or create professional applications.

Pepper robot images