Rodney Brooks und Baxter

Collaborative robotics seminar with Rodney Brooks on 22nd October 2014, Paris

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Rodney Brooks is hailed as one of the most important roboticists in the world who led a career as a famous and distinguished researcher in artificial intelligence at Stanford university, Carnegie Mellon and MIT. After co-founding iRobot in 2008, he leaves the latter and the academics world to create his company Heartlands robotics, considered as one of the most promising start-up companies in the USA. Renamed Rethink Robotics since, the company behind collaborative humanoid Baxter robot , opened the way to a new generation of flexible robots suiting small businesses and industrial production processes lowly automated where humans still occupy their rightful place.

If you have never heard of Rodney Brooks, you can enjoy his unique vision from his latest TED speaking engagement:

We are pleased to announce that Rodney Brooks is the prestigious guest of our Seminar on collaborative robotics with Rodney Brooks – Paris, 22nd October 2014 organised at Pierre and Marie Curie University , Paris 6th, on 22nd of October 2014. This event is jointly organised on the initiative of Generation Robots in collaboration with ISIR (Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique).

Come and join us for this event starting at 16.00 in the UPMC premises (Amphi 25). Registration is free and open to everyone, so don’t wait any longer and send an email to our contact email
address to register: .

During this seminar, you will attend a presentation of Rodney Brooks’s on collaborative robotics , demos of the collaborative Baxter robot and you will interact with Rethink Robotics and Generation Robots staff.

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Electric Parallel Gripper Kit for Baxter Research Robot

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