Seminar on Collaborative Robotics with Rodney Brooks on the 22th October in Paris

Generation Robots is proud to announce the oranization, in partnership with ISIR, of a seminar on collaborative robotics with Rodney Brooks, former MIT director and founder of Rethink Robotics, as the main speaker. This seminar will take place at Pierre and Marie Curie Paris University on the 22th of October 2014.

At the initiative of Generation Robots and co-organized with ISIR, Rodney Brooks will give a presentation on collaborative robotics on the 22th October in Paris. Come to participate in this event which will be held at 16:30 at the premises of UPMC. Registration is free and open to all, do not wait and send us an email now to to register.

Dr. Rodney Brooks, fondateur, président et directeur technique de Rethink Robotics

Rodney Brooks, chairman Rethink Robotics

Rodney Brooks is the founder, chairman, and CTO of Rethink Robotics, a company that is deploying low cost, safe, and easy to train interactive humanoid robots in manufacturing and packaging applications. He was also cofounder, CTO, and board member of iRobot Corporation (nasdaq: IRBT) and is the emeritus Panasonic Professor of Robotics at MIT, where he was director of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) until 2007. Earlier he was on the faculty at Stanford University and a member of research staff at both Carnegie Mellon and MIT. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Stanford in 1981, after earning degrees in mathematics at the Flinders University of South Australia. He is a member of both the US National Academy of Engineering and of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and also a Fellow of the IEEE, ACM, AAAI, and AAAS.

Baxter collaborative robot

Baxter is a humanoid collaborative robot or cobot. Collaborative robotics consists of thinking robots working alongside humans, collaborating with them. As a consequence, this collaboration involves a kind of intelligence or common sense for the robot, based on embeded sensors. On the other hand, the second consequence for the Baxter robot is that it must be safe. To ensure safety, Baxter is "compliant", that's to say, its movements are elastic and safe for human, closer to what is found in nature. Collaborative robotics brings a lot of interest among industrials, either big corporate groups or small and medium comagnies. Flexibility, adaptability, safety and cost efficiency of collaboratives robots allow to automate tasks that have never been automated before. Collaborative robotics is considered as the second wave of robotics in companies and as the main concept that is behind the factory of the future capable of changing the game and dramatically improve competivity. Baxter Collaborative robot from Rethink Robotics 

About ISIR

The Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique (ISIR) is a multidisciplinary laboratory that brings together researchers chercheurs coming from various horizon and experiences such as engineering, computer science or life science. ISIR is a research team est une Unité Mixte de Recherche (UMR7222) commune à l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) et au Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). 

About Generation Robots

Generation Robots, programmable robots for hobbyists, education and research
Founded in 2008 by Jerome Laplace, Generation Robots has the ambition to make service robotics accessible to everyone by gathering a large range of complementary products and services.

First of all, Generation Robots, is a European e-tailer for robots in 3 languages ( for hobbyists, education, research and professionals.

Generation Robots is also the Humarobotics brand, a specialist in programming personal and collaborative robots. Based on specific competencies in HRI (Human-Robot Interaction) , ingineers and PhDs of Humarobotics create real usages for personal and collaborative robots for clients in Bank, administration, communication and industry.