Niryo NED, un bras Niryo pour les utilisateurs avancés

NED: a programmable robotic arm for a wide range of users

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Niryo Ned: a cobot designed for teaching and rapid prototyping

Niryo Ned arm is a 6-axis collaborative robot designed for education (engineering schools, vocational training establishments, training centres, etc.) and for research laboratories. Niryo lets students take on Industry 4.0 challenges at an early stage in their education.

Niryo Ned is ideal for reproducing and imagining industrial use cases without blowing the budgets of educational institutions .

Imagine industrial use cases with the Niryo arm

This robot arm has an embedded Raspberry Pi , Dynamixel motors, Arduino components and runs under ROS Melodic (ROS libraries are available online to help you design lots of simple and complex programs).

Ned: an enhanced Niryo One

With Niryo One, Niryo released a robot arm that met market needs. Niryo Ned is the 2nd version of this educational robot, a simple-to-use, robust and efficient cobot designed for learning.

Its aluminium structure offers better repeatability and precision than its predecessor. Ned is designed to reproduce all the most advanced Industry 4.0 movements.

It is built on a Raspberry Pi 4, so it also has more computing power for meeting the most recent industrial IoT and AI challenges.

Comparison of the Niryo One and Niryo Ned robot arms

Niryo One robot arm
Niryo Ned robot arm
  Niryo One Niryo Ned
Degrees of freedom 6 6
Weight 3.3 kg 6.5 kg
Structure PLA (3D printing) Aluminium, PLA (3D printing)
Repeatability +/- 1 mm +/- 0.5 mm
Payload 300 g 300 g
Max. reach 440 mm 440 mm
Electronics / Motorisation Raspberry Pi 3 B Raspberry Pi 4
Programming Blockly, Python, C++, ROS, MATLAB Blockly, Python, C++, ROS, MATLAB

Practical exercises to help you get started

There are numerous educational resources in the form of practical activities including different exercises . These PDFs are available online for free and will help you quickly understand the different programming possibilities and applications offered by the Niryo One and Niryo Ned robot arms.

Niryo regularly publishes new teaching resources for its Niryo robot arms. The following have been published so far:

  • Quick start guide
  • Programming with Blockly
  • Programming with Python
  • Introduction to vision with Blockly
  • Programming with ROS
  • Trajectory generation and simulation with MATLAB
  • Python image processing

Accessories for a complete Industry 4.0 training ecosystem

Various accessories are available which you can use to upgrade your Niryo Ned , including a mini conveyor belt, an on-board camera and different types of grippers (vacuum pump, electromagnet, etc.).

Niryo robots are used by our customers

Génération Robots has been the official distributor of the Niryo brand since 2019. We sell their robots to universities, engineering schools and training centres.

On our blog, you will find an example of how our customers use their Niryo robot: how the Deutsche Bahn public transport operator has introduced Niryo at their training centres in Germany

Niryo Ned 2: A Technological Feat Serving Education, Research, and Industry

The latest addition to Niryo’s line of products, the Ned 2 is a high-performance robotic arm that meets the most demanding needs in terms of precision and flexibility. Thanks to its modular structure, it can adapt to many types of tasks, whether assembling electronic components, welding, handling materials, or painting. The Niryo Ned 2 has 6 axes and can handle loads up to 300 g , with a reach of 44 cm from its base. Its precision and repeatability of movements are around 0.5 mm.

The Niryo Ned 2 also offers advantages in terms of safety and cost. Its compact and lightweight design allows for space and material savings while reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, its brushless motors require little maintenance, and its low energy consumption increases its energy efficiency.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the Niryo Ned 2 features a user-friendly and intuitive interface that facilitates programming and usage. Operators can manage a wide variety of tasks with great ease without requiring any particular technical expertise.

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