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The Robotics Revolution: Discover the latest mobile robots from AgileX Robotics

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The robotics industry continues to evolve rapidly, and AgileX Robotics once again positions itself at the forefront of innovation with the launch of three revolutionary new mobile robots. In 1999, the term “cobot” emerged, combining the words “cooperation” and “robotics.” Fundamentally focused on cooperation, collaborative robotics (cobotics) emphasizes collaboration between human and robot. Designed to interact with humans, the collaborative robot is not limited to repetitive tasks but rather programmed to work in tandem with human operators, whether in real-time or according to a predefined configuration.

Thus, the collaborative robot becomes a true assistant in its work environment. These robots, namely the LIMO COBOT, the COBOT S, and the COBOT KIT, promise to transform the way we approach collaborative robotics. In this article, let’s delve into the impressive features of these robots, particularly highlighting their robotic arms, which pave the way for new possibilities in various sectors.

Les 3 robots et leurs bras

LIMO COBOT: Redefining man-machine collaboration

AgileX Robotics has pushed the boundaries of human-machine collaboration with the LIMO COBOT. Equipped with an advanced robotic arm, this mobile robot offers unparalleled precision with its six degrees of freedom. Whether for work on a production line, assembling delicate parts, or even complex logistical tasks, the LIMO COBOT excels in various environments. Its compact design and sophisticated sensors ensure safe and seamless interaction with human workers, thus paving the way for a new era of collaborative productivity.

Thanks to its six degrees of freedom, it provides remarkable precision, adjusting adaptably to meet the varied and specific requirements of each task.


COBOT S: Pure versatility

The COBOT S stands out for its exceptional versatility. Its robotic arm, designed to perform an extensive range of movements, makes the COBOT S the ideal tool for complex manipulation tasks. Whether it’s sorting products, loading pallets, or assisting in delicate medical tasks, this mobile robot delivers cutting-edge performance. Integrated artificial intelligence and the ability for continuous learning enable the COBOT S to dynamically adapt to its environment, providing a flexible solution for various industrial applications.

Equipped with a multi-degree-of-freedom robotic arm featuring the MoveIt! system, the COBOT S excels in the execution of complex and varied tasks.

Manipulateur RM75
Cobot S Product

COBOT KIT: Innovation at your fingertips

AgileX Robotics understands that the future of collaborative robotics also lies in accessibility. That’s why the COBOT KIT was created, offering a modular solution to transform a wide range of platforms into advanced mobile robots. With its adaptable robotic arm, the COBOT Kit can be integrated into carts, autonomous vehicles, or even drones, paving the way for innovative and cost-effective automation in various sectors.

Manipulateur Aubo I5 ou xArm6

The Cobot Kit can adapt to different payload requirements, working radius (819-886 mm), and positioning precision. It also promotes close interaction between humans and robots during gripping tasks without requiring a safety barrier.

Cobot Kit product

AgileX Robotics COBOTS: the comprehensive comparison

322 x 200 x 550 mm
500 x 754 x 1504 mm
1023 x 778 x 400 mm
4 kg
100 kg
145-150 kg
48V30Ah (Standard) ou 48V60Ah (Optional)
NAVIS Navigation
Robotic arm
MyCobot 280
RM75 manipulator
Aubo I5 or xArm6 manipulators
0.250 kg
5 kg
5 kg
Degrees of freedom
Total arm weight
0.8 kg
7.8 kg
24 kg or 12 kg
Accuracy of robotic arm
+0.5 mm
±0.05 mm
±0.05 mm ou ±0.1 mm

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