Cobot Kit mobile robot

Cobot Kit mobile robot

Cobot Kit mobile robot
AgileX Robotics | A-000000-06947
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A high-performance autonomous Cobot Kit designed for educational research in robotics and industrial development.

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The Cobot Kit: distinguished by its multiple applications

A robust platform for educational and industrial projects, equipped with a 6 DOF robotic arm, an Intel® RealSense camera, a 16-channel LiDAR, a high-performance processor, a 4G router, and an IP54 monitor. Ensures precise navigation and manipulation, while being compatible with the AgileX robot for a variety of applications.

The kit includes:

Fast mapping

The Cobot Kit, operating under ROS2, integrates a long-range and high-precision multibeam LiDAR. It effortlessly provides 3D point cloud data for mapping, navigation, and positioning, eliminating the complexity of ROS LiDAR node configuration.


Choose the flexible robotic arm AUBO i5 or the xArm6


The Cobot Kit can adapt to various demands in terms of payload, working radius (819-886 mm), and positioning precision. It also encourages a close interaction between humans and robots during gripping tasks, without the need for safety barriers.

Optimal design for precise handling

The Cobot Kit integrates adaptive DH grippers, providing precise and robust gripping capabilities. With a positioning accuracy of -0.03 mm and a maximum gripping force of 160 N, it adjusts with precision to targeted objects using up to 5 contact points.


High-precision visual perception


The Cobot Kit is equipped with an Intel RealSense depth camera, featuring a resolution of 1280 X 720, a frame rate of 90FPS, and a depth field of view (FOV) of 85.2°x 58°. It is extremely effective in data collection and scanning.

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Technical Specifications of the Cobot Kit

  • Dimensions: 1023*778*400mm (L*H*W)
  • Wheelbase: 360mm
  • Weight: 145-150Kg
  • Operating Temperature: -10~45°C
  • Transmission Configuration: Independent left and right control
    Track differential steering
  • Charger: Independent AC220V charger
  • Recharge Time: 6~7H
  • Minimum Ground Clearance: 90mm
  • Nominal Load: 70KG
  • External Supply: 48V
  • Batteries: 48V30Ah (Standard) or 48V60Ah (Optional)
  • Nominal Spin Load: 60KG
  • Motor: 2X650W (Brushless servo motor)
  • Climbing Capacity: 36° (No load and with load) / Can climb stairs
  • Encoder Disk: 1024 lines
  • Minimum Turning Radius: 0m In-situ Rotation
  • Gyroscope Parameters: 9-axis Gyroscope / 0.01° Resolution
  • Obstacle Ability: 170mm
  • Maximum Travel: 10KM
  • Suspension Form: Christie Suspension
  • Drive Form: Left and Right Independent Drive
  • Communication: Standard CAN Interface
  • Protection Level: IP52 (Standard) / IP54 (Optional)
  • Shock Absorber: Left and Right Independent Shock Absorbers * 6
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