LIMO COBOT mobile robot

LIMO COBOT mobile robot

LIMO COBOT mobile robot
AgileX Robotics | A-000000-06951
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The LIMO COBOT is a composition of the LIMO PRO, a ROS development and learning platform, equipped with a Mycobot 280 robotic arm.

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LIMO COBOT mobile robot: what sets it apart from other robots?

Equipped with the Mycobot 280 and NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano, the LIMO COBOT excels in autonomous tasks, including functionalities such as navigation, obstacle avoidance, mapping, mobile grasping, and visual recognition. This rugged and multi-purpose mobile robot is a great choice for higher education, competitions, and training.

The LIMO COBOT robot is made up of:

  • 1xLIMO PRO mobile robot
  • 1x Mycobot 280 robotic arm from Elephant Robotics
  • 1x NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano computer
  • 1x 3D camera Orbbec DaBai
  • 1x LiDAR EAI T-mini Pro
  • 1x IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)

Remote control not included

Mobile Grasping

Mobile Grasping Limo Cobot

The six-axis robotic arm (Mycobot 280) of the LIMO COBOT stands out for its exceptional versatility in grasping and manipulation. With its six degrees of freedom, this all-rounder robot arm offers great accuracy and versatility, in order to meet the specific requirements of many applications.

Autonomous Mapping

The ability of the LIMO COBOT to autonomously generate precise maps of its surroundings makes navigation in complex spaces easier but also greatly enhances this mobile robot’s flexibility.

autonomous mapping limo cobot

Obstacle Avoidance

obstacle avoidance limo cobot

Thanks to its capability for smart environment detection, the LIMO COBOT can easily circumvent obstacles, ensuring a secure and smooth execution of tasks  in various environments.

An open-source robotic solution

LIMO COBOT supports for platforms like ROS, Gazebo, and RViz, as well as popular programming languages such as Python and C++. This extensive compatibility provides developers with a broad array of tools to materialize their projects.

open source support limo cobot
features limo cobot

Technical Specifications of LIMO COBOT

  • Flagship: LIMO Robot (total weight 4kg) + robotic arm (250g)
  • Communication: LIMO Robot (USB) + robotic arm (Type-c)
  • Total weight: 5.6 kg
  • Dimensions: 322x200x550 mm
  • 1 x 6DOF Robotic Arm + Gripper
  • Total arm weight: 0.8 kg
  • Robotic arm precision: +0.5 mm
  • Robotic arm working radius: 280 mm
  • Payload : 0.25kg
  • Navigation method: LiDAR SLAM, Visual SLAM
  • Parking precision: 1-2cm

Technical Specifications of LIMO Pro Robot

  • Evolving structure
  • Touch screen
  • Orbbec DaBai 3D Camera
  • Lidar EAI X2L
  • Processor NVIDIA Jetson Nano (4G)
  • ROS1 / ROS2
  • IMU: MPU6050
  • Compatible with Google Assistant
  • Communication interface: UART serial port
  • Dimensions: 322 x 215 x 247 mm
  • Weight: 4.2 kg
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