Find answers to your questions about the Pepper robot. If you cannot find an answer on this page, please contact us.

What is the warranty period?

2 years for hardware and mechanical problems. You have the option to take 1 year extra warranty, if you want to be pampered for your robot.

What is Pepper's autonomy?

The autonomy of the Pepper robot is about 12 hours.

Can Pepper move?

Moving independently forward or backwards is not accurate enough. If you want to move the robot, we recommend our Pepper Remote or Follow Me applications.

Can Pepper answer any question?

No, Pepper does not have the same features as Siri, or Google Assistant. Any exchanges you may have Pepper must be developed beforehand. On the manufacturer’s website you will find a list of phrases that Pepper can understand and say using the Basic channel.

Are the updates free?

All updates are free.

What happens when a new software version comes out?

If new versions of the software are available, they will be available for free download on the Softbank Robotics website.

What are the programming languages that can be used to program Pepper?

You can program your Pepper robot in Python, C ++ or Java.

Can I download third-party applications?

Today this is very complicated, because the tablet is not Android, which makes it difficult to integrate existing Android or iOS applications.

How can I get the Choregraphe software?

The software Choregraphe is downloadable for free, but Génération Robots provides you with the key of use.

Can I sell the robot if I do not use it anymore?

No, Softbank Robotics’ Terms and Conditions of Sale state that you have no right to rent or sell the robot.

How can I change the wallpaper of the Pepper tablet?

You can change the wallpaper of the Pepper tablet by changing the preferences:

  • Connect in SSH in the robot
  • Upload an image into the robot (in a behavior for example)
  • Enter the following command line:
    qicli call ALPreferenceManager.setValue com.aldebaran.system.tablet MaintActivity image, specifying whether it is an image or a video by modifying the red part (image or video)
  • Then enter the following command line:
    qicli call ALPreferenceManager.setValue com.aldebaran.system.tablet MainResourceURL, adapting the red part according to your case

The documentation tells you how to embed an image into an application you create.

Restart the robot to take the changes into account.

How to connect Pepper to Wi-Fi?

Standard Wi-Fi connection

Pepper has an Ethernet connection and two Wi-Fi connections. Only Wi-Fi in the head is needed. WEP, WPA and WPA2 security is supported, WPA 2 is preferred.

Wi-Fi head
IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n
Security 64/128 bits
WEP, WPA, WPA2 personal

Wi-Fi Tablet
IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n

  1. In Network Settings, choose the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect.
  2. Complete the connection settings
  3. Click the(Connect) button

To connect using a QR code, a hidden network or MAC addresses, please follow this link

How to access the options of my Pepper robot?

Pepper’s options are configurable on the robot’s web page. It is therefore absolutely necessary to be on the same network as Pepper. For this go to http://pepper.local or http://<IP-robot>.

On the robot options page you can change the volume and others.

On this page you will find the settings in detail.

Can I download the Choregraphe software before receiving my Pepper robot, to familiarize myself with it?

You can download the Choregraphe software.

When the software starts, a license key will be requested. Please contact us to get the licence code.

Here is the download link for the software.